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Vanilla Reloads and CVS – a dilemma

The other day I walked  into my local CVS to pick up a prescription.  While I was there, I thought I would also get two Vanilla Reloads.  I asked the pharmacy cashier to load them with $500 each.  At the end, she asked to see my identification – this was not a surprise to me.  What was a surprise is what she did next – she scanned the bar code of my license.  I quickly asked her why and she told me that the machine told her to.  I was shocked – what were they going to do with my information?  Now you might think that I am haphazard with my personal information since I purchase items online but I make that decision.  Also those decisions don’t have very personal tidbits of information like how tall I am or how much I weigh etc.  When I asked what they did with the information, the cashier couldn’t help me so I asked for the store manager.


A woman came out and she really didn’t have any more information other than to suggest that I call 1-800 CVS or something like that.  I suggest that SHE call since others may have the same questions that I do (and I was busy trying to correct a prescription).  She came back and told me it was a FEDERAL law that the stores collect information on our purchases as it relates to money laundering.  Hmm, not true I told her as I had just purchased a lot more a week earlier.  She also said that VISA is requiring her to do this.  Again, doesn’t sound likely since I had used the same card the week before.  Finally she said they do nothing with my information – they don’t even keep it.  Hmm, once it is in the system, it’s always in the system.  Since she knew nothing other than what she was being spoon-fed by whomever she spoke with, I let it drop and went home.

It was still a thorn in my side so I called the corporate offices of CVS today.  I had a really nice young man help me and he got it.  He had to go to other departments, including the store, to get the information.  I asked three questions – could I have been told prior to them scanning my bar code that they would be doing it so I would then have an option whether I wanted them to do it or not?  Secondly, what do they do with the information on my license and thirdly, why are they doing it.

To answer the questions he called the store.  They said that there is a sign posted for the employees to read that indicates that purchases of Vanilla Reloads of $1000 or more require a scan of the bar code however that is not in a place where customers can see it.

Secondly, what do they do with the information.  He was a little hazy on this but basically they don’t do anything with it.

Thirdly, why do they do it?  Apparently there is a lot of fraud around and money launders are finding this a great means to cleanse dirty money.  They want to have a record in case something fishy should occur down the road and they can show that they took means to get identifications.  To help, they ask for identification when you buy $1000 or more in reloads.

A way around this is to go in and buy 2 Vanilla Reloads – load one for $500 and load the other for $490.  With the $3.95 fee, you’ll be below the $1000 threshold that CVS has imposed on many of its customers.  I use VR’s to pay my mortgages, long term care policy (checks only, no cc’s), etc.  So from now on, I’ll just be getting $10 less each time I go into CVS.

Have you had any issues?

Bluebird and free checks 1/1/2014

I’ve shared with you a few times my love of Vanilla Reloads (VR)  and AmEx Bluebird (BB).  For those of you who are new to this blog, you can go to this site to read up on it in more detail but very quickly VRs are a transfer means. What I do is to go into a store that sells VRs and they MUST look like this:   Load them

Must look like this
Must look like this

up to $500 each with my credit card that I am either trying to meet the minimum spend on for the sign up points or a credit card that I am trying to get more points on.  I then transfer the money that is on the VR to my Bluebird (BB) and I am able to do it online in the comfort of my home.  Once the money is in my BB account, then I can pay bills electronically.  BB advertisers itself as a debit and checking alternative.


Last spring BB introduced free checks.   To use one of BBs checks, you enter the check information on the BB site.  Basically what BB does is preauthorize the check amount and they debit it from your balance.  You can never be in an overdraft position because the check has to be pre-authorized.  This is also handy because some payees do not accept credit card payments (IRS, anything I pay at City Hall, church donations, etc).

You can order free checks now until January 1, 2014.  You have a choice of 50 or 100 checks and since they are free, I would order 100 checks.

bluebird checks

If you go to the VR site you will find a list of stores that supposedly sell VRs.  Now I say supposedly because WalMart is listed and as far as I know they have never sold VRs.  Click on all the stores because there are many names that I did not recognize them but they were the “holding company” and some of their stores were ones that I was aware of and had shopped at.

Do you use Bluebird and Vanilla Reloads?