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Legs Inn, Cross Village, Michigan


Still doing my tour around northern Michigan and we found this very unique restaurant – Legs Inn.  Legs Inn sits at the northern part of the Tunnel of Trees section of Michigan Highway 119.  It is a spectacular drive that begins at the northern end of Harbor Springs, an exclusive resort town on Little Traverse Bay.  The road runs along a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan.  As beautiful as it is during the spring and summer, it is truly majestic in the Fall as trees can be that are found in the cooler, northern climates.  The yellows of the birch trees, the reds of maples trees, it is a kaleidoscope of colors.  If you are a bicyclist, you’ll find this a great place to ride.  Blogger Son #2 and his wife recently rode their bikes through the Tunnel of Trees and are looking forward to doing it again next year.  So by car, motorcycle or bicycle – it is a beautiful ride.

tunnel of trees

Legs Inn is an authentic Polish restaurant.  The restaurant building reminds me of a something that you would find in a national park with the the building made out of river rocks, large timbers and  wood carvings.  It sits on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan with beautiful gardens outside.  You can choose to sit and eat outside or inside.  When the weather is a little cool, they do have heaters they put outside for the comfort of their guests.

legs inn outside

photo: the bigtaxi.com
photo: the bigtaxi.com

The food is authentic Polish food as well as Lake Michigan whitefish.  One of my favorites is the Zurek Soup.  It is a traditional Polish sour soup. There are many different versions for this soup but Legs Inn’s version has a unique recipe in that it’s recipe includes Polish Sausage, hard-boiled eggs and red potatoes in a rich meat and rye stock.  They have three different types of pierogis and if you can’t decide, you just ask for one of each type.

Blogger Son #2, a beer connoisseur, was duly impressed with all the beer that was available at their bar.  I had a great Czech ale that was delicious.


If you find yourself in northern Michigan visiting many of these places that I have been writing about, make sure you drop in at Legs Inn for a delicious lunch or dinner.