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Mileage Running Tools and Tips for Finding Great Fares

I wrote the other day about going for status by doing a mileage run.  In this post mapI mentioned the ITA Matrix and I gave you some tutorials by other bloggers.  Using those tutorials, I have found that Great Circle Mapper is extremely handy for me in determining how many miles I would get with a basic flight and how many more miles I would earn by adding in a stop.  Here is the link to Great Circle Mapper where you input the airports and you get the distance or you can see it on a map – the choice is yours.

Another tool to help in finding inexpensive flights for your mileage running is Google Flights  You plug in the city you are flying out of and you will see cities all over the world and what it would cost to fly there.  You will be able to  find an inexpensive flights around the United States and the world!

On FlyerTalk, an online community of frequent flyers,  you can go to the forums and you’ll see a thread on Mileage Runs.  Follow this link to go there.  People in the mileage community will often post great deals there and you need to jump on them as they can and will disappear.

Another tool is Fare Compare  You input your departure city, when you want to travel, the minimum and maximum on your budget and voila…..fares and cities will be shown.  Let the fares dictate where you take your next getaway.

I hope you find these tools helpful in planning for your next trip.