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converters or adapters

This has always confused me – when do I need a converter and when do I need an adapter and what is the difference.  I’m sure you more experienced travelers understand but I didn’t.


To try and get it clear in my mind, I began to do a little research.  I found out that many electronics have dual voltage listed such as 100-240v.  You will find this in the specs paper that comes in the package.  What this means is that it is able to use either voltage but you will still need an adapter to plug your electronic into the electric outlet.


There are many different styles of wall sockets so it is important to know which type of adapter you need.  We have a set that has many different type of adapters.


On one of our trips, I plugged in our little digital clock into an adapter only to find out that I fried it – it wasn’t dual voltage and I didn’t add a converter.  Now I know to check.  Make sure when you travel that you have the correct adapter and know whether or not you need a converter.