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Hotel Booking Sites

As an alternative to booking your hotel room with the hotel of your choice, there are other sites that allow you to book and get a boatload of points.  Sometimes I use the hotel booking sites when I just want a lower price and I am not concerned about getting stays to count toward hotel elite status.  Other time, when I am close to an award flight,  I will book my hotel rooms.  Some of these sites that I will be mentioning will give you your choice of which points you can earn for your stay.

Rocketmiles –  is a startup that began last spring that that lets travelers earn frequent flier miles in major airline programs when booking hotel stays through its site.  It has top tier hotel partners in the US and around the world.  Its customers can get lots of miles for every stay,  many times more miles than booking directly with the hotel although your stay will most likely not count toward elite status.   It’s unusual to see an offer for less than 1,000 miles per night.  It has partnered with these major airlines: American, Delta, United, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Flying Blue (Air France and KLM), JetBlue, Virgin America and Hawaiian.   If you are interested in using Rocketmiles, you can sign up here.  We will both earn a small referral reward of miles after your first booking. I have personally used Rocketmiles and have been very satisfied with it and the number of miles that I received for using it.


PointsHound – similar to Rocketmiles, Pointshound is as simple as one, two, three.  First, you select your favorite frequent flyer program and they have a lot including Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American, Aeromexico, Etihad, Hawaiian, US Airways, Baltic Air, Flying Blue, Best Buy points, and Flying Blue (Air France, KLM).  Secondly, you shop for hotel with over 150,000 in this program and finally three, you can earn up to 6000 points per night.  If you are interested in this program, you can go to this link and register using my referral link and we will both earn 250 points.


Hotel Tonight – is a hotel booking app for your Android or iPhone where you will find deeply discounted last minute rates.  You probably won’t get any points or miles for these bookings but you will get great rates.  They have rooms in all the major cities as well as resort areas.  You cannot book until 9:00 AM in the city where you want to book a room.  Click here for their site.

hotel tonight

Of course, everyone is aware of Expedia, Orbits, but above are some that you might not be aware of plus you get frequent flyer miles.  Sounds pretty good to me!


Some of My Fellow Points and Miles and Travel Bloggers

As I mentioned previously, I have only been following blogs and beginning to understand this hobby of ours for almost 1 1/2 years.  There are many. many bloggers out there and  few of them were responsible (and still are) for me learning about miles, points and travel.  Each one has a unique interest and specialty.  I’d like to introduce you to a few of my favorite bloggers:

Rene writes Delta Points and as his name suggests, he write mainly about Delta Airlines though you will read about his trips to visit his family in Sweden or scuba diving with his wife in Aruba. I met Rene last year at the Chicago Seminar in October.   If Delta is one of the main airlines you fly, you should read his blog and sign up for his text alerts when he find great mileage runs on Delta.

Frequent Miler is written by Greg who I had the pleasure of  meeting while we were both on a mattress run last year in Sault Ste. Marie.  He has taught everyone so much in getting multiple points through his Frequent Miler Laboratory.  He was the first that I remember to write about the Vanilla Reloads, becoming a Fulfilled by Amazon seller (FBA) when you find really good deals (such as  at Kohls where you get 5x points and this week 30% off) to sell while you are keeping the points and at times making some money.  Last March he challenged himself to earn ONE MILLION MILES.  You can read all about that and other experiments he’s done to help us all at Frequent Miler

MJ on Travel is written by Marshall Jackson who is a pilot, worked for one of the largest airlines.  He is still in the airline industry, travels frequently and is a cruiser as well.  With his frequent travel schedule he does many reviews of hotels, his flights and has a keen insider knowledge of what goes on behind the scenes.  You can read his blog at MJ on Travel

New Girl in the Air is written by Becky, a young married woman.  As much as we all love international travel, it is not financially possible to do it all the time.  Becky combines both long weekend trip reports with her international travels.  Both types of trips are extremely informative and she travels places that are a little off the beaten path.  Currently she is writing about her trip to Slovenia but prior to that she has written about her trip to the Columbia River Gorge, Memphis, etc.  Check out her blog New Girl in the Air

Scott and his team write Mile Value.  Like other bloggers they do quite a bit of traveling.  Scott’s blog is a little different than just trip reports, he analyzes  the entire point and mile travel.  His blog was the first one that I read that told me how I could get a free one way ticket that I could take much later when booking a trip using miles.  Read his free one ways so that you too can make use of this trick at Mile Value.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post on some of the bloggers that I read and why I like their blogs.

Important Bookmarks for You

When planning a trip, you will get email confirmations of your airline itinerary, your hotel confirmation, any special services or tour that you plan.  If you are anything like I use to be, this information is all over the place.  I didn’t even make a folder for all this travel stuff – I just thought that I knew it all.  One site that I would recommend that compile it all is TripIt.  Every time you get an email, they will capture the information in it and keep it.  You’ll get reminders from them that you have a trip planned and when you should check in online.  I find it a great resource for scatter brains like me.


Keeping track of all your points can be a hassle for some.  AwardWallet will keep track of most of them for you.  This past year, Delta and United Airlines as well as a few others do not allow AwardWallet to get the information for you so you’ll still have to keep track of a few.


Do you have lots of subscription emails coming in your email inbox every day?  I know that I do (sale at a particular store, a new LL Bean online catalogue, etc).  I generally delete them or ask to unsubscribe since they are taking up space in my inbox.  Now you can still get them all in one email.  Sign up at unroll and you will get one email each day.  This has cleaned up my email inbox.


The last one isn’t directly travel related but without it, you couldn’t travel or get points.  I’m talking about the site mint.  Mint automatically puts all your money and spending habits in one place.  Once you sing up it will pull information from your bank, your mortgage company, your investments and other accounts that you may have. This site is secure.  Once you see in front of you in graph form what categories your money is going in, you may want to make some changes.


If you know of any other sites that you use and think is useful to others, please leave a comment.