I Added Another Credit Card to my Portfolio

I didn’t think I would.  I told myself I wouldn’t.  But I did.  I added another credit card to my already quite full portfolio of cards.  I wanted to get to a point where I would be below 5/24 for Chase credit cards but I succumbed.  I applied for and was approved for the Citi Rewards+ Mastercard. Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 9.22.57 PM

I applied and was approved and promptly entered the approval date on my Excel spreadsheet that I wrote about a few days ago.

What made me do it?  This is: Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 8.23.38 PM

I have other credit cards that give me more points at gas stations but for those smaller purchases, or purchases that makes sense rounding up it would be perfect and give me more points!

Now when I go to McDonald’s to get a $1.00 Coca Cola, Citi will round up my purchase so that I get 10 points instead of one!  The points that this card gives me are Thank You points and they can be redeemed for basically airline points.  For many of them they are airlines that aren’t as easy to find transfer partners.  Follow this link to see the partners.

I have another Citi card, the Citi Premier,  that gives me Thank You points and it will be nice to add to them.

I do not earn anything by writing about which cards I apply for nor do I have a link for you other than a public one. Here is the public link 

Are you thinking of adding any cards?  What are you looking for in your next card?

1 thought on “I Added Another Credit Card to my Portfolio

  1. Thinking about adding another card, but right now working on spend for the Hyatt card. Been in this hobby since 2011, but since retiring our spend is way, way down. We rarely dine out, and put our travel expenses on the CSR for the points and benefits (insurance, etc) accrued. So, getting a new card means spacing it out to be able to meet the minimum spend for the bonus points.

    Currently have big balances with AA, Hilton, Marriott. After booking our tickets for Australia, our UR stash isn’t quite enough for 2 round trips in coach to Europe on UA/Star Alliance, and we’d prefer flying biz on the overnight leg. So trying to build that back up before we plan our next adventure as we’ve found UR points to be most valuable to us.

    I considered the Citi Prestige and this Rewards+ card – we don’t have any TY points, but the transfer partners most likely won’t work for us, so I’d rather put the spend toward getting the points where they are most useful to us, which would be UR points. 4th night free benefits from the Prestige are not something we would use, either.

    Thinking about the Amex Platinum for my husband – we don’t have any MR points either. We could get this through either Schwab or Morgan Stanley and the latter would credit the fee back and give us an AU for free. So that could be worth it so long as we can meet the minimum spend. Then we’d need to get something like the Everyday or Everyday Preferred to increase the points.

    We are both under Chase’s 5/24, and have the Chase cards that suit our travels (so not BA or SW). I’ve also considered getting a BofA Alaska Visa again (DH has one) but we haven’t flown Alaska or used the points and the companion ticket options have gone to waste so far. Another possibility is getting a travel rewards card such as Barclay Arrival+ or BofA Travel Rewards.

    So there are lots of things to consider before we pull the trigger again.

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