Safety for your Money and Credit Cards while Traveling

One query I get asked often is how do I secure my valuables while shopping or traveling abroad.

I’ve done things like put my cash inside of my shoes.  My son, who I was traveling with, laughed about the poor person who was getting my cash.

I have had the money belts that are worn under my waistband of pants.  They are fine but I find it can be difficult to stand there, pull out the pouch and then look through it to get the credit card or cash that I need.  Finally, I need to tuck it back in under the waistband.  I’ve done the money belt worn under my top garment and it is similar to the waistband pouch. We have purchased pants for my husband that has inside zippers and he supplements that with a rubber band around his wallet.  Our last trip we used a wallet with fake money inside of it.

Other travels  have tried the womens boxers that have a secret compartment that is good for keeping things safe but difficult to get money out when you need it.

A friend of mine introduced me to her scarf that has a zipper in it.  She wears the scarf and keeps money, credit cards and a copy of her passport in it.  She found it in a little shop out west.  Imagine my surprise when I saw it on Amazon.  Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 3.45.17 PM.jpg

They have it in many colors and different designs. Screen Shot 2018-06-17 at 3.52.11 PM.png

Here is a link to some of these scarves.

What do you use to keep your money and credit cards safe while traveling?

I do not receive a commission or any benefit from writing about there scarves.

3 thoughts on “Safety for your Money and Credit Cards while Traveling

  1. I just keep a small amount of cash and maybe a credit card readily available. The rest is in the hotel room safe or sometimes in an under the waistband wallet. One thing I never do is pull out that wallet…what is the purpose of hiding the cash if we expose it to the public eye!

  2. I have looked at these scarves on Amazon – in my wishlist, not yet purchased.

    What I have used in cool weather are wrist wallets. I wear a lot of black and gray knit tops so I got a couple in these colors – they are reversible. Fit snugly, but not uncomfortable just under my sleeve so easily accessible. Got the small ones – not for a phone – that hold credit cards, ATM card, some bills.

    I find I can put a small amount of money in my front pants or jeans pocket (if pants have a pocket) because generally pickpockets don’t expect women to carry money that way. And I only put a small amount there.

    Love traveling in cooler weather because it is much easier to conceal stuff.

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