What Do You Do When You Have Extra Money

Last year I mentioned that both hubby and I were given 600 euros each when our award flight from Brussels was delayed seven hours due to mechanical trouble in the United States.  We received the money in the form of a pre-paid debit card.  Here is the post in case you missed it

With our trip to France on our mind, we planned on using the using the “extra” money to do some activities or dining that we wouldn’t ordinarily do – something extra and unique for us.  Now Blogger Hubby is suggesting that we use this extra money and apply to our normal type of trip so that we have less out of pocket expenses and not do the extra events that we would have done with this free money

That’s led to a debate between us.  Both are rational ideas and have merit to them and we aren’t sure what to do.  I’m sure it will be somewhere in-between; some money for extras we wouldn’t have done and the rest toward our trip.

What would you do?



7 thoughts on “What Do You Do When You Have Extra Money

  1. Since you got 600 Euros each which is about $661 each, why not use yours for a splurge on your France trip and his for “rational” savings on another trip – perhaps the trip on which you use the Hyatt free nights you will get from your recent signup? Seems like the perfect compromise to me.

  2. YOLO, do something extraordinary on this trip. Make a great memory that you may not have been able to afford w/o the windfall. Let’s not forget the basic premise of why people travel. Splurge on a meal you wouldn’t have gotten. Taste some bouillabaise in the South of France. Go to Noma in Copenhagen and spend $200/per on a meal. You won’t regret the extraordinary.

  3. Apply the extra money to a new trip. How about the Amazon? Monograms offers a great trip to the Amazon, Brazil and Argentina. Take 100% Deet, (avoid Zika), however we were not bothered by the insects. We went in Feb.

  4. You are both correct. A windfall should allow one to enjoy a luxury one would not normally enjoy. The bulk of the money, however, should be spent using the “rational” approach.

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