Credit Card Housekeeping – What’s in our Wallets?

Disclosure:  I do not receive any compensation from my links or discussions of the various credit cards.  I have and use these cards and the opinions, are mine and mine only.

The latter part of the summer and this fall seems to have gotten away from me.  We have been really busy and sometimes feel that I haven’t had time to take a quick breath.  I have fallen behind on keeping track of my credit cards and it stresses me out somewhat.   I like to feel organized with all the cards we have and feel good when they are organized.

We have applied for and received a few new credit cards and I hadn’t had time to add them to my spreadsheet or to even begin my spend on them.  We also received notice from our American Airlines AAdvantage Red Aviator credit card, which used to be the US Airways credit card, that our annual fee would be due this month for both my credit card and Blogger Hubby’s card as well.  What I really needed was to have a day of credit card Housekeeping and it is today!

First off was to call my American Airlines AAdvantage Red Aviator credit card to let them know that I was thinking of closing my account.  The reason that I gave was when it was US Airways, we received a companion pass.  I explained my dilemma to the first agent who then transferred me to another agent.  I told them my story again and explained further that I don’t use the card very often and I just didn’t want to pay the annual fee.  They offered to waive the fee as well as give me for 90 days triple points on gas, groceries and utilities.  SUCCESS!


My husband then called and they offered him the same thing as well as an extra 5,000 points if he spent $1000 in the next 90 days.  This will be in conjunction with an offer he received in the mail, that I didn’t, about earning an extra 15,000 plus 1,500 miles earned if he spent $500 in November, $500 in December and $500 in January.  That promotion would give him 16,500 points.  The two promotions, I was told, would run concurrently so he would stand to receive 21,500 points for $1500 dollar spend.  I can see those VISA gift card purchases looming in our future.  Chalk this one up to another successful phone call.

Next up, my personal Southwest credit card.  There were no offers, no waiver of fees – they offered me nothing when I called yesterday.  Knowing the rule of HUCA (Hang Up, Call Again) I tried again today and still… retention offer.  Since I am auto pay and have a balance, once that is paid I’ll call again and have them transfer my credit limit to another one of my Chase cards.


For Blogger Hubby’s SPG card, we just transferred his points to my account (mine is less than a year open) and once they are transferred, we will close his account unless they offer us some type of retention.  We’ll give it a few days after the transfer to make sure it happens before we close.


I used to love Club Carlson credit card since it gave us a free award night when we booked a minimum of two nights.  We used to book two nights under my credit card and then two nights under Blogger Hubby’s credit card for a total of four award nights – it only tok points for two of those nights.  They changed the award program effective May 31st where you do not get the second award night free.  It is still a good program but we don’t need two cards anymore.  We called and transferred Blogger Hubby’s award points to my account.  After we saw that they were in my account, he called up and canceled his card.

club carlson

Last May I opened two Alaska Air credit cards through Bank of America and then a couple of weeks ago I applied, and was approved, for a third Alaska Air credit card.  I will close one of the first two cards in December.  What I have learned is that you can apply for a new Alaska Air credit card every 91 days.  After you are approved you’ll earn 25,000 points and will receive an annual companion pass from $121.  After having the card active for six months, then  will begin closing them while still applying for them.  Here is the link that I used.  I do not receive any compensation from Alaska Air or any other credit card company.

alaska air

That’s what I accomplished so far.  I need to go back tomorrow and look through other credit cards that I have.

Do you go through your credit cards and give them a tune up or as I like to say a Credit Card Housekeeping?  Tomorrow I’ll be going through the rest of my cards and will probably be making a few calls as well  Do you go through your credit cards to see if you still need them?  What cards do you need to add to your portfolio?


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