EU 261 – Help for Those who Need Assistance in Making a Claim

Last week I posted about EU 261 which dealt with delays and compensation because of the delays from EU country to EU country OR flying on an EU carrier to an EU country from a non-EU country (like the United States) OR flying home from an EU country to a non-EU country on any airline.  If you want to read that post again, click here.

We had a seven hour delay which entitled us to the compensation of 600 euros.  I’ve heard from many people that it is difficult to get reimbursement from the US carriers.  They often deny that mechanical is a valid reason for getting compensation even though the EU Court of Justice did rule that mechanical delays allowed for compensation.

This weekend, as I attended the Chicago Seminars, I learned of a company that could help you out.  It is Get Air Help.  Your flight can go back three years and they will still work for you.  They gather all the paperwork and submit it to the airlines.  If they are still unsuccessful they will even take them to court!  Of course there is a fee and that is 25% of your reimbursement from the airline.

Howie, over at Frugal Travel Guy, wrote last week about another company Botts & Co, solicitors in the UK.  They will do the same as Get Air Help however their commission rate is 25 euros plus 25 % 27% of your reimbursement.  If you are awarded nothing, then you owe nothing to the company.

If you have been delayed and didn’t know to do anything or had difficulty with the airlines, you might want to consider one ofd these companies to help you get your legal reimbursement.

I have not dealt with either company and do not have personal knowledge but thought that I would pass the information on in case you want to learn about these companies and know that there is help for you.


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