Target Prepaid Redcard and VISA/MC Gift Cards

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but rumors had been floating that in some Target stores in different locales around the country  their registers were hardcoded so as to not accept gift cards which to load your Redcard with.   Loading gift cards that are pin enabled have become my favorite way of meeting minimum spend on credit cards as well as just manufacturing points.

Paying attention to those rumors I went yesterday to my handy dandy Target store to load two gift cards that I had just purchased at a Simon Mall. After trying numerous times, the clerk called over one of her managers and they as well had no luck in allowing me to load with the gift card (pin had been set to use it as a debit card).  She looked up in her clipboard for a memo or something that might explain it.  All she could tell me is that it is a computer glitch and they are working on it.  She didn’t know if this would be permanent or just a temporary snafu but I am betting on it being the way things are to come.

For those who have gift cards that have not been loaded on to your Redcard like me, I plan on going to WalMart and getting some money orders.

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that I went to Simon Mall for my gift cards.  They are the property owners for many, many malls within the United States.  At their information counter in the middle of the malls, they have a rack of gift cards though the VISA gift cards are locked in a drawer.  If you ask the attendant for them, you can purchase up to $1000 per day and the cost for each card is only $3.95. a few dollars less than what you would purchase them from in a grocery store.  Here is a link to the location of Simon Malls.  If you are in one, you might want to consider purchasing a couple.

As soon as I hear anything, I’ll let you know.


1 thought on “Target Prepaid Redcard and VISA/MC Gift Cards

  1. I saw the said memo in person yesterday at one of the Target stores I visited trying to get some confirmation (made the manager show it to me twice just to make sure) then posted about it and shared the breaking story at severl blogs.

    Shortly after, a Target employee contacted a bunch of us via a group email confirming my story, but said he couldn’t send us a pic of it. Minutes later, sure enough pics of the memo surfaced on blogs for everyone else to see it too.

    RIP Redbird! It had a great run though.

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