Taking a Few Days Off

Last parents alive un my mother-in-law passed away.  I envy my husband, who is 71 years old, in having both of his alive until last evening.  By the time I was 55 I was the only one left of my family.  With all the planning that needs to be done whenever there is a funeral, I’ll be quite busy.  I’ll need to take some time off to attend to my family/

When I return, I’ll write about Regensburg, Vilshofen, our cruise on AMA Waterways down the Danube and so much more.  I hope you have enjoyed what I have written so far about Amsterdam, Nuremberg and Prague.

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4 thoughts on “Taking a Few Days Off

  1. Jane,
    My sincere condolences to you and your husband. May he take solace in having had his parents for so many years. I hope that his parents were able to enjoy their long life together.

    As I have mentioned to you in previous comments, I am 65 (turning 66 next month). My mom passed away this past February when she was 95 (her birthday was in January). We lost my dad exactly 3 years ago, also aged 95, just 3 weeks shy of his 96th birthday. Both of my parents were in good health, and did not suffer from lingering illness. I take comfort in that fact. And hope that I have inherited their longevity!

    Have enjoyed your posts – looking forward to the next reviews. So much more fun to read trip reports than constant credit card deals, etc. Of course, I keep up on those because it’s a necessary part of this hobby, but the trip reports are my favorites. The bucket list is long……

    Again, my sincere sympathies to all of you on your loss.

    Marilyn B

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