Some Exciting Numbers About this Blog

When I began this blog about two years ago it was primarily designed to help family, friends and friends of my family learn how to travel using points and miles.  Everyone kept asking how Blogger Hubby and I how we were able to do it since we are on a “fixed income” as two seniors.

I’ve enjoyed sharing the about credit card sign-ups, understanding your credit score, what miles/points that I particularly like and why and of course sharing some of our trip reports and how we did it with miles.  Sometimes I seemed to have more information that I wanted to share and other times it seemed to be a struggle. I really wanted to set myself apart from many of the “mainstay” bloggers.  I tried not to write about the new hot subject that I knew would be covered by all the other travel bloggers.

I am truly amazed that this little blog has readers in 132 countries – that’s about 100 more countries than I’ve been to.  I have also had over 33,000 views of my blog.  I am continually amazed at these figures and I sincerely thank you for your loyal readership, your questions and your comments.  I thank you for sharing my blog with your friends.  Word of mouth helps my blog be seen by more travelers.

Here’s a map showing my readership.  Help me fill in some other countries.  Anyone know anyone in Greenland?

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.10.57 PM

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