What I take on the Plane with me for an Overnight Flight

I tend to be a hoarder with my points and want to save them for Business Class tickets when we have long flights.  Our flight, on KLM, is under 8 hours and I did not want to waste points for that so…we are flying economy.  Even though I wish we were flying Business Class for a myriad of reasons, I just can’t justify it for this flight.

One of the things that I will be missing on our flight home (on Star Alliance) is the lounge since we will have about a 3 hour layover.  I do not have the Chase United Explorer which would give me 2 United Club passes a year.  Instead I went to DansDeals to the Buying/Selling forum and was able to purchase 2 lounge passes for $20.

Sitting as long as we will be, my ankle will get very swollen.  I went to our medical pharmacy yesterday to purchase a compression sleeve for my ankle.  I do have the knee high support hose but the top rolls down and they are very, very hot.  The sleeve that I have is open toed and goes just slightly above my ankle.  There was another one that was open heel and open toed and was much easier to get on though my thought was that it would give me less support and structure.  I’ll report back whether I made a mistake or not.

I have downloaded books to both my iPad (for me) and my Kindle (for Blogger Hubby).  They need to be preloaded in order for you to read them when there is no WiFi available or it is very expensive.  We’ll be reading for awhile and won’t run out of books.

I am wearing on the plane very comfortable pants, a short sleeve shirt with a sweater over it hoping I can find a comfortable zone.  I also have little knit slippers from one of my amenity kits to put on my feet to walk up and down the aisle of the plane – I have to take my shoes off.  I also bring a scarf as another layer or just a light layer over me.

I always wear my heaviest shoes and in this case it will be my running shoes (for me, it’s walking shoes) from Saucony.  I hesitated to bring them but we will be in some rain and my other shoes are more open on top and I thought these shoes would keep my feet drier.

I have Sjogrens Syndrome, an autoimmune disease,  and my skin,mouth and eyes are always dry.  In my CamelPak that I’ll bring on the plane I’ll have a bag of hard candies to suck on as well as eye drops to help my dry eyes.  I’ll also bring hydrating moisturizer for my face.

In my backpack, I will have all of our cords for our electronics and a small travel cord that I can plug multiple items into.  If we need to recharge our electronics, I’ll be ready.

I’ll also have in my pack my knitting and my smocking – need to keep my hands busy and flexible.

Have I forgotten anything?


10 thoughts on “What I take on the Plane with me for an Overnight Flight

  1. I always bring an eye mask to block the cabin light – I sleep at home with one too. And anti-bacterial wipes or gel to use to clean the tray table, arm rests, etc. I listen to audiobooks so bring my own earphones, which will plug into the on board entertainment system (although I usually ignore it). A mini-tube of hand cream and lip balm, too.

  2. Hi Jane,

    We are “old school” paper document planners, and do a lot of the same things as you in terms of packing and prep. My aunt has Sjogren’s so I know what you are going thru.

    One of the things I am doing now is mixing award levels and flying business on the overnight legs and economy on the daytime legs. My husband is the reluctant traveler, and we are judicious about our credit card applications, so this is how I balance miles and hubby happiness!

    As for shoes, I recently got several pairs of Skechers GoWalks – did 3 mile walks in Hawaii and they were great. Slip on, super light, similar to a sneaker but without the bulk, grippy soles. They come in cloth and other materials I am taking a pair on my upcoming trip to Portugal, so I hope they will work out as well there. I’m taking my black ones, and I think they will look just fine with a skirt as with slacks and capris. I actually have a collection of shoes just for my European travels – no American running shoes or sneakers for me anymore.

    Being from the NY area, black goes with me everywhere – shoes, purses, bottoms and a few tops, punched up with more vibrant tops here and there.

    Know you said you are a Kohls shopper. Probably too late to get this, but I just picked up Croft & Barrow packable roll up visor http://www.kohls.com/product/prd-2040839/croft-barrow-packable-roll-up-visor.jsp . I need a good sunhat (breast cancer survivor not looking for skin cancer) and I had an SPF 50 from Travelsmith that falls down too far on my forehead. Of course, I got a solid black one (lol) and my husband calls it my “flying nun hat” but I think this will work better than a full hat for me (too hot).

    My biggest concern is dealing with security while wearing warm weather clothing. I have a security purse with the reinforcement straps, clips, etc. but it is heavier than I like so I am not sure I will take it. I might take my Springs Banjee wrist wallets and pin them inside the waist and just wear my tees over the top. I got safety diaper pins (you have to slide the top to open the pins) and I think this might work. The wrist wallets are small, have a zipper and will hold credit cards. If there’s nothing else of value in my purse, I won’t really have to worry so much. I also have (from way back in the 1980’s) a pocket that attaches to my bra straps (not what I currently see online) that can hold 1 or 2 cards under the neck of my tee. Can’t do much about hiding my camera even though it’s small – that’s the biggest tourist giveaway.

    I also just ordered a Flipband and will have to see if that has utility for me. I’ll use it for walks locally, but it might suffice under my tees instead of a money belt down inside my slacks.

    Other item I picked up, and will used when taking the trains, is a Clever Companion tee shirt – the version with the side zippers. I got a cute camp shirt to wear over this to hide the zippers, but still giving me access.

    Have a great trip!

  3. My husband was just diagnosed with Sjogrens just a few months ago. Still learning about it. They did prescribe a medication that was supposed to help with the dry mouth but it was over $100 a month. We too have found hard candy to be the best so far. Sounds like you have everything else pretty much covered. I do carry a small down pillow that I can smoosh into my bag.

    1. I have not found medications to help with my Sjogrens. Lemonheads candy work well because your mother puckers and cause more saliva. Hard candy and plenty of water seem to work well for me. that’s why for my backpack I use a CamelBak to always carry my water in a bladder

  4. What about noise canceling headset? We find it very helpful to either listen to music or just to make cabin quieter.

  5. I usually pack a travel toothbrush and toothpaste in my carry-on for long flights when I’ll be eating and sleeping. I have also thrown in a set of extra clothes in case my luggage is delayed.

  6. Hi Jane, hope your flight goes well! I flew KLM economy last summer and it is pretty good for an economy flight – decent movie selection, meals, and they’ll bring bottled water around before they turn the lights off. I always like to have lip balm handy, foam ear plugs, a snack, plus Advil and ginger (just in case). Have a great trip!

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