A Change has come to Club Carlson

I’ve touted in the past my love of the Club Carlson VISA credit card and all the benefits that come with it in particular a free award night when you book a two night stay using your points – book the two nights and only pay for one night with points – the second night is free!  That benefit is going away the end of May, 2015.

club carlson

With that in mind I’ve been trying to anticipate some of our travel and booking hotel rooms to be grandfathered into the existing benefit.  I know that we are going to be taking another river cruise next year on the Rhone and we will spend some time in Lyon and Paris.  Unfortunately the Radisson in Lyon is under construction and will not be open.  I was able to book two nights under my name at the Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel.  These stays are for September 2016 !  I still have more points in my account and will need to spend some more time thinking of where we could possibly go before May 31st so I can book them under the old system.

rad blu paris

What are you doing with your Club Carlson points?  Have you made any reservations knowing that the benefit is going to be changing?


5 thoughts on “A Change has come to Club Carlson

  1. Hi Jane,
    My husband and I both have the card so we booked two back to back stays for 4 nights in London and also did the same in Dublin for this November. So we’ll get a total of 8 nights for 4 nights points. That basically uses up the points we have. Still unsure about keeping the cards going forward.

    I see from one of the above posters that you did send out Target Red cards. I was one of the first to answer your post, and mentioned that I would like to get one for my husband since I had to buy mine on ebay (not sold in NY). I’m assuming you sent out the cards you picked up, so I guess you might have missed my request in the way I wrote my post.

  2. Hi Jane,
    Thank you so much for sending me the Red Card. Unfortunately I cannot load it in any of the many Targets in western North or South Carolina. A region of five million people. The district store registers are not programmed for loads per several store managers. Oh well.

    On Club Carlson, I have decided to cancel my two cards since it is really only worthwhile to me in Europe with the second free night benefit. I am concentrating on Hyatt and IHG now.

  3. I’ve been busy finding options for our Carlson points too. In fact today I booked 2 nights in NYC, and 4 in Vancouver BC. I have nights booked in Cape Town and Johannesburg as well. Hopefully we’ll figure out one more trip this summer to use the rest. It is surely a benefit I will sorely miss!

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