Preparing for My Cruise

I’m rushing around like a chicken without her head.  Remember, I booked this cruise five days ago.  With so little time to worry about what clothes I was packing it took much less time.  I am also trying to bring less in general – per Blogger Hubby’s suggestion (err…orders).  He does have a point because when we do our river cruise in 2015, I’ll need to pack less because we will be schlepping around Germany, Prague, Budapest and northern Italy.

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It always seems that I bring so many shoes.  I need some for the white pants I’ll be wearing, some for city walking, a pair for pool deck that I can slip on and of course other evening shoes.  I just wish I could find an answer for my shoe dilemma.

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With the cruise lines, you download your luggage tags and print them out on your printer paper.  I have never liked this always fearing that the luggage tags will rip.  When yo download your tags, there are instructions of what to fold first, second and third.  I did that and rather than staple them onto my luggage, I took the folded take to Staples and had them laminate the tags.  I brought them home and punched a hole at one of the tags.  I attached them to my backpack and will attached them to my luggage with a pice of ribbon tied on with a square knot.  I feel safer with some weight and protective covering to the tag

Today I notified my Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card that I would be traveling.  I am using that card as it has no foreign transaction fees associated with it.  I also notified the Charles Schwab Bank since I will use their debit card at ATM’s while traveling (if needed).  I use this card since there are no ATM fees and it saves me money and who doesn’t want to save money?  Schwab will reimburse you for all ATM charges.  If you don’t have this debit card, you should consider getting one.  Drop me a note and I’ll  send you information about how to get an account.

Other things I have been doing today

  •  Drugstore for any refills that I needed for the trip
  • Little water spray bottle to squirt water onto some of my clothes to get the wrinkles out (it works like a charm.
  • A small bottle with a little liquid laundry detergent so I could rinse out small laundry items.
  • Dollar Tree to picked up a few clothes pins to hang up these wet items
  • books downloaded to my Kindle
  • a few snacks packed
  • wine opener
  • to the bank to get some one dollar bills for tipping
  • hotel reservation in the port city we will be departing from

I think I am set!  Good bye frigid temperatures – I won’t miss you.

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4 thoughts on “Preparing for My Cruise

  1. Some things I have found useful for our travels, fine-tuned over the years:

    1. paper cruise luggage tags – I use the Scotch Packaging clear tape – use this for lots of stuff, so I buy a 6 pack at BJs and always have it on hand. Saves cost of laminating.

    2. Shoes – Years ago I got a pair of simple “dress” sandals with a very low princess style heel that have one inch wide strap across the toe area, plus a thin ankle strap (if I can wear an ankle strap, anyone can wear one). I have a couple of clip on shoe ornaments to change up the look (clip on earrings can work, too). The take up almost no room, and when husband travels with me, they actually can fit inside his sandals!! They go on all my cruises and are the only pair I need for the entire week! Found these in K-mart of all places.

    With white pants, you can wear a dark shoe or sandal if you also wear a dark top – looks very chic. No need for white shoes with white pants.

    Skechers Go-walks can double as walking shoes, fitness shoes, casual shoes. Many styles and colors. Look good with slacks, shorts, capris, skirts.

    Lindsay Phillips Switchflops – I just got a pair for upcoming trip to Hawaii and extra straps. I will change these up for pool, evening (Hawaii is casual enough). They will also function as slippers.

    I have a whole group of shoes that are my “travel” shoes. Also have a whole group of clothing items that are my cruise clothes – think fabrics like the original Chicos Travelers – now everyone makes stuff like this – some % of spandex – I can pack a week’s worth of evening cruise clothes in a packing cube (the mid size) and NOTHING wrinkles.

    3. Laundry. I have soap sheets but I have usually use small bar soaps (sometimes the cheaper ones lather better than the French milled) – that way no extra liquid (and no leaking). I also have inflatable hangers (create space between front and back of tops) – had mine for 30 years and they have allowed me to wash out turtlenecks, tees, husband’s undershirts, tank tops, etc.

    1. We must think alike. I also have a pair of Lindsay Phillips Switchflops but they are at our summer home. I am bringing clear packing tape and some of the luggage tags to stick to the case of bottled water and a 12 pack of coke – that way I’ll drop them off with my luggage and they will all be delivered to my stateroom. Where do you get your soap sheets? I’d love to get some.

      1. Mine are Travelon Laundry Soap Sheets – I got a 50 pack sometime ago. Just google “Laundry soap sheets” and you will find lots of sources – Wal-Mart, Amazon, etc. Just be sure your hands are dry when you go to remove them from the container! I still find bar soap as easy and effective – I usually just use the bar soap that the hotel provides and work it into as much of a lather as I can. Never had a problem. I do hand wash all the time when traveling – undergarments, gym stuff, husband’s t-shirts, some socks.

        If you ever travel to someplace that has a washing machine, the Purex 3-in-1 sheets are great to pack for that.

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