How Do You Find Cheap Cruises?

As I mentioned on my post yesterday, a friend and I are taking a last minute cruise to the Panama Canal, eleven nights for $800 plus port charges.  To me that is a great deal!

cruise in caribbean

Since I have written it, I have had a number of people ask me where to find such great deals.

flash sale 2

I found this one on the Holland America website. I merely went to their site and under their big picture were three cruises listed.  These three will be sailing within a few days to within a couple of weeks.  That’s when you find the deepest discounts.  Of course, you do not have the choicest staterooms but you are paying quite a bit less than many of the other passengers and you get to see the same sights and eat the same food.

Holland America also has a Flash Sale page that lists all the “sales” on sailings.

Celebrity does something similar.  They have Tuesday Sales.  Scroll down the pages until you find something that you are interested in.

flash sale

Royal Caribbean and Carnival also have sales and you will find their best deals on their website as well.

Others have spoken about this site.  Although the title suggests that it is just for repositioning cruises – it’s not.  If the link takes you to the home pages, look for the “Show me the Deals” in smaller purple letters with a yellow box around it.  Once you find something you like, double check back online with the cruise line and see what their prices are – one may be more expensive but you get back a higher On Board Credit.  You need to know what you will be purchasing.

I found the cruise I wanted, I saw online that I would get a $100 OBC from the cruise line if I booked directly through them.  Wondering if I could do better, I emailed my travel agent and she did.  In addition to the $100 that the cruise line would give us, she matched it and gave an additional $50.  I would have booked with her if she had just matched it.

Her service to me is outstanding.  Rather than downloading the documents myself (which I have no problem doing), she did it and Fed Exed it to me.  She also sent me information on all the ports as well as a printed copy of all the excursions that would be available from HAL on this cruise.

Finally, she was able to change our main dining time, 8:00 PM (which is too late for me) to Any Time Dining.  When other friends, on the same sailing, tried to do it the same day, they were refused by HAL because it was too close to sailing date.  I was never one to use a travel agent but I have found a gem and will use her as much as I can.

Have you taken a last minute cruise and where did you find out about it from?


2 thoughts on “How Do You Find Cheap Cruises?

  1. I haven’t taken a last minute cruise but I sure would love to! Maybe when we finally retire…. Thanks for this info; I will bookmark it!

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