Update on Target Redbird

I’ve received a few email questions about the Target Redbird.  Folks around the country are beginning to find out about it and are begging people who live near a Target who are selling the PrePaid Debit card to get one for them.

Screen shot 2014-10-21 at 4.46.56 PM

You CAN load the Redbird with a credit card even though it says cash only.  Some people, including me, found that my transaction with one credit card was declined.  I knew my card was fine but what I should have done is to call the credit card first to alert them that I was going to be purchasing about $500 on my credit card at Target.  That did the trick and I have had no problems since then. If you are declined, just step aside and call your credit card company.

After you have your permanent card make sure you register it online.  At the home page you can manage your Redcard and then pay bills with it.  Go to “Online Bill Pay” and near the top of the page you’ll  “Pay and Transfer”.  Click on the and you’ll find a drop down menu where you can select Pay Bills.  You can then add a Payee.  Add the amount that you want to pay and then you’ll be told when it will be delivered.  Today I am paying a credit card bill and the money will arrive in two days.  If you are sending it to a small company that may not be listed with them or an individual, it will take longer.  If you are planning on sending money to cover your rent to an indivdual, allow yourself enough time for the check to arrive.

Now, are you all ready to begin loading your Redbird and paying your bills?



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