Whew ….the Holidays are over for Us

It’s been quite the month for us.  Blogger Hubby was in the hospital, I was sick for about 5 weeks (sinus, bronchitis) and feeling crummy, being up in DC helping Blogger Son #1 by taking care of our 11 month old grandson while his mommy was traveling.  With several weeks of us being out of commission, the holidays came upon us very quickly.  Cards were never bought and so we are going to do a Happy New Year card instead.

With four grandchildren ages 3 and under, it was a fun, hectic, loud and a special day for us.  This was the year we did not have our children for the actual Christmas Day but instead we had it the Saturday morning before Christmas.  Family means so much to me since I am an only child and I am very happy that my children (yes, they are all in their 30’s) made an effort to get together with Blogger Hubby and myself as well as with their siblings.


What was helpful to me this year while doing my holiday shopping was the fact the my Chase Freedom card gave me 5 times points while shopping at Amazon.  With that and the fact that we are Amazon Prime members, most of my shopping was done through Amazon.

If what I wanted wasn’t on Amazon for the price I wanted, I then went to stores either through the Chase shopping portal or finally, through Ebates for cash back.  I did not make a single purchase where I received only 1 point per dollar.  Either it was multiple points or cash back through Ebates.

When I went through the Chase shopping portal I printed off a copy of the page that told me how many extra points I would receive as well as my order summary.  I’ll check back on my account to make sure that I got all the extra points.  If I don’t then I have proof of what they were offering as far as points as well as having my order summery.  I can hear the Cha-Ching in the recesses of my mind.

I also downloaded a holiday gift tracker download from I Heart Organizing.  I had one for each of the families I was purchasing gift for.  It kept me organized as far as what I purchased, my budget for the item and where I purchased it.  I took this a step further and stapled the receipts for each family onto their family gift tracker.  When someone wanted to return an item, it was easy for me to get their family tracker and pull off the receipt.  So much easier than going through the mountain of receipt that i normally have.

Did you have any special strategy for maximizing your points during this holiday time?

3 thoughts on “Whew ….the Holidays are over for Us

  1. The Grandkids are adorable!

    Thanks for your posts. I have been able to glean good tips.
    On the Chase Freedom card for this quarter..ending very soon.. any good strategies for someone who does not shop much at stores on the list?
    Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Misty – You can always purchase store gift cards at Amazon and that will count toward your 5 x points for Amazon. Also next month is gas stations and some of my gas stations sell gift cards. If you buy the Paypal gift card, you can load it to your account and then send the money to someone that you trust (of course, have them send money back to you). You can also purchase VISA gift cards that you can set a pin and then purchase a money order. Additionally once you have set the pin take a bill to Walmart customer service and bill pay there – yes, you can really do that.

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