Boulders Beach, outside of Cape Town, South Africa

There are so many beautiful beaches in the Cape Town – some are known for their surfing and surfing lessons, others for their ambiance.  Boulders Beach is known for its thriving colony of African Penguins.  They are also called jack ass penguins because they have a donkey like braying call.  Perhaps I’m on a penguin quest but after seeing penguins in New Zealand last year, I felt that I needed to see the African penguin.

The drive to Boulders Beach is spectacular.  You’ll find this beach is nestled in a sheltered cove between Simon’s Town and Cape Point.  You have to stop in both of these areas.


This colony of penguins began in 1982 and began nesting at Boulders Beach.  From that pair in 1982, there are now about 2,000 penguins.  There are two area in which you can see the penguins outside of Simons Town.  Boulders Beach and Foxy Beach are the places that visitors and locals go to see the penguins.  We were told to go to Boulders Beach where the penguin interaction is really quite incredible. There is a specific secluded area of the beach that we were told to go to.  Essentially you can be the only person with like a dozen penguins just like huddled around you looking at you from 4 feet away. It’s no zoo it’s just a beach with penguins. It’s really pretty amazing. The secluded areas are a lot more accessible for low tide which is something to consider if you do this.  What you do is to go past the signs for Penguins and take the next left turn where there is a sign for Boulders Beach.  You park your car and then walk to the admission booth.  After you pay your money you have a choice – either follow the sign for the beach or follow the sign for the boardwalk to the penguin viewing area.  If you follow the sign to the boardwalk, bring your receipt showing that you paid.  Blogger Hubby and our son, his wife and baby went toward the beach. Now these are huge granite boulders that you can crawl through, squeeze through and just continue walking back to the direction of Simons Town (to the left of the beach).




You will end up on a beach where you may find (or not) penguins walking around.  Remember these are wild animals and I would not get closer than 4 feet.  You may have an opportunity to be on the beach alone with the penguins.  I will say when our family went, they only saw a handful on penguins.

I, on the other hand, decided not to crawl through the boulders and to stay on the boardwalk.  If you look closely as you are walking to the viewing area you’ll see penguins as well as large plastic jugs laying on their sides which are  nesting boxes.  I came to an area where I had to show my receipt that I paid at the other admission booth and was allowed in.  I went to the viewing are and there, on this sandy beach, were many penguins.  They were walking on the sand, walking toward the water, jumping in and swimming.  I couldn’t believe how many penguins were there.




If you don’t want to have the option of the beach or the boardwalk and know that you want just the boardwalk, then turn off the road where you see the signs for the penguins, which is Foxy Beach.

Hope you enjoy some of our pictures from Boulders Beach and the African penguins.

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