Used Redbird at Target Today

Today was a chilly day and Blogger Hubby and I decided to go to our local winery – Veritas Winery – for a tasting.  We are wine club members where we get three bottles of wine, at a discount, four times a year.  We don’t have a choice which wines we receive but it is a chance for us to try different wines that we would not ordinarily try. Another perk of being a wine club member is that you and a guest do not have to pay for the wine tasting.  We do try and take advantage of that special perk.


On the way to the winery is Target.  I needed to upload some photographs for our family wall and thought this would be a good time to do it since we would be passing within 1/4 of the Target.   We picked up our photographs next to the customer service center; in fact, the clerk was working both counters.  I though this would be a good time to ask her if this store, which doesn’t sell the Redbird, would reload them for me.  She wasn’t familiar with them and called her manager over.  He was familiar and instructed her how to reload them.  Seems that I need to load some money on them via my credit card as we went on a little shopping spree today.  Additionally, I need to replenish some of the miles that we have been using this past year and by loading money onto my Redbird from my credit card, we’ll be adding some more miles to our accounts.


We actually went through the register at Target three times and each time we paid with our Redbird  We saved 5% of the total bill.  We had ordered photographs to frame of our family.  Cha ching – saved 5%.  We bought some toys for our grandchildren to stay at our house so they would have something to play with – cha ching, saved another 5% off an already sale price.  Went to find other gifts for the grands and found what we were looking for however, it was mismarked.  Had a large sign over it with a lower price – about 20% less than it should have been.  The clerk walked us up to a registered at the front and she checked us out using the lower price and of course I whipped out my Redbird and saved another 5% off a mistaken price.  Cha Ching, Cha Ching, Cha Ching.

Winner of Target Prepaid Debit Card – Mike is the winner of the Target Prepaid Debit card.  He wrote “I’m definitely going to add this to my MS portfolio. Thanks!”  Congratulations to Mike.  I sent you and email asking for your asking to mail you the card.  You have 48 hours to respond otherwise I have choose another winner.


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