Quick Observations from our Trip

Finally, I’ve made it to an internet cafe where I can jot down for you a few observations on our trip.

When we left the United States for South Africa via London Heathrow, we knew we had a 15 hour layover which we planned to take full advantage of.  After all, all we would have would be our carry-on that we could handle quite well.  Not so fast.  As we were checking in our luggage at our first airport and photographing our luggage and tags I noticed that the tag said LHR and not JNB (Johannesburg).  The agent told me that you have to claim your luggage when you have a greater than 13 hour layover.  The best laid plans weren’t so great however since I had done so much research prior to this (obviously I missed the part about claiming your bags) I was aware of Baggage Express in Terminal One (where our next flight would depart from) where we could store our bags for 24 hours for 10 pounds each.  Lesson 1:  know the requirements of hen your bags will go straight through  or when you have to claim them.

We flew United’s 767 from IAD to LHR.  We were in the Business Class facing backward – a little strange at first but no problem other than the magazine that were between us went flying on the floor as we took off.  I noticed how friendly our crew was, which was not ike many United flights I had been on.  Turned out they were a British crew.  They had a jolly good time.  Unfortunately for us, we were the last row, facing into the galley, where we heard and saw all of their fun happenings.  Lesson 2: don’t sit in  front of or behind the galley

Along with the noise from the galley, the flight attendants overhead bins (two of them) were directly over us and they were getting into them all, let me repeat, ALL night long.  Lesson 3:  don’t sit in the first row or in the row in front of the galley

Last lesson on this leg of the flight. If you are flying business or First Class, your luggage is tagged Priority.  What they did in LHR as well as in JNB, was to pull our luggage off the conveyor belt and put them in a special spot.  I know that sounds strange but truly we, and others, could not find our bags.  I was glad that I had taken a photo of our b bags and our luggage tags since Blogger Hubby couldn’t find the receipts they gave us.  Baggage Claim knew that they had been checked in and thought they were on a stuck belt.  They restarted the belt and no luggage came out.   Finally we walked around and saw them sitting in a pile.  Lesson 4:  if you can’t find your bag look around and around – they may be in a secret spot.


Thank you all for your patience in the lapse of blog writing.  I hope you h ave been enjoying some of the guest blogs that have been written by friends.  I didn’t bring a computer with me and honestly, we have been so busy that I’m not sure how many blogs I would have written.  When I write about our safari trips you’ll understand.

2 thoughts on “Quick Observations from our Trip

  1. I agree completely about the seats near the galley! We had exactly the same experience going to Europe earlier this year – the crew laughed and chatted ALL night!! Lesson learned.

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