Delta Airlines – a Miss and a Save with Luggage

Blogger Daughter and her 14 month old baby have been visiting us for the past two weeks at our Lake home.  Last week it was their time to return home.  Since we are in northern Michigan, there is only one airlines that operates in most of these small airports and that is Delta.  I’ve always internally cursed that there is no competition and that the tickets are incredibly expensive.  This is Blogger Daughter’s story about her return flight.


When Blogger Daughter flew up flew up from her home in Virginia, the baby’s car seat was wrapped in plastic by the gate agent and there was no fee to check it  (also true of baby strollers).  It arrived nice and clean and ready to put the baby in.  The return trip was a different story.  The gate agent (and there is only one gate) refused to bag it saying he didn’t have time.  She was upset, not knowing what condition the car seat might be in since they do have a connection in Detroit.

Here is her story:

Our plane landed and I turned my phone on. It beeped with a voicemail…the dreaded voicemail. It was Delta airlines calling and saying one piece of my baggage did not make to it Richmond. Ugh.

My 14 month old son and I were flying back home (Richmond, VA) from Lisa Nolan AirportNorthern Michigan after spending a relaxing two weeks visiting my parents. We flew home from Pellston with a connection in Detroit to go on to Richmond. Even though we had an hour layover in Detroit…I still got that voicemail.

Okay so I listen to the voicemail and groaned.  I had checked two items – my suitcase and the carseat. They referenced the number on the phone of what item it was but I had no way of knowing if it was my suitcase or the carseat. What on earth do I do if it’s the carseat? My husband was already on his way to pick us up and we obviously need to have a carseat to go home. So one happy reunion later, we’re down at baggage claim.  I was very impressed that Delta had alerted me so quickly about this problem. That way we weren’t stuck waiting at the baggage claim for the missing piece of luggage, we already knew one was going to come out. The bags came out quickly and we soon realized it was indeed the carseat that was missing.

We head into the Delta baggage office and are greeted by a nice Delta lady who quickly offers us a snack from their snack basket and some water. One bottle of water and Fruit Roll-up later (what can I say, I’m still a kid) we were learning that the carseat was already on the next flight to Richmond and would land in about 45 minutes. We quickly learned that my biggest fear of having no way to get Nolan home was not an issue — they had loaner carseats! We just wanted to get home so we opted to take a loaner instead of waiting for our carseat. She told us how our carseat would be delivered to our house that evening (it was already 4pm) and they would also take the loaner carseat with us so a return trip to the airport was not necessary. I was pretty happy with how all of this was handled.

We confirmed our address and was quickly sent an email confirming the situation and that we would receive email updates.  And we sure did. About an hour later we received another one that our carseat was loaded up and on it’s way. It also introduced the driver to us over the email so you can see his picture and what type of car he drives. We hung a small sign up on our door that the Delta employee gave us and signed it to give the driver permission to leave the carseat on our front porch if we weren’t home. When we were on a family walk around the neighborhood when the driver called and said he would be at our house within 30 minutes. About two minutes later he arrived at our door with our carseat and took the loaner back with him. Shortly after I received an email confirming the exact time of delivery and suggesting I contact them if I had not received it.

Overall I was very happy with how Delta handled this situation. Despite the frustrations of having lost my luggage, they have a good system in the works for making up for it.




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