Leaving on a Jet Plane

Actually, we drive down tomorrow to spend the night near the airport that we are departing from Tuesday morning.  We have our check list out because honestly there is no memory left in my head.

jet plane

I try to make it easier on myself when I land in a foreign country by bringing with me some foreign currency.  I know – there are ATM machines in the airport but what if there was a problem.  Well, one time there was.  When we were in Mexico last year, I couldn’t get the ATM to work since all the instructions were in Spanish and there was no English option.  What I do is to go to our big bank that is an hour away from us and order foreign currency.  None of the smaller banks near us do that.

The South African rand are beautiful.  So many exotic animals on their currency.  They also have Nelson Mandela on their currency as well.  What do you think of these bills?

rand3rand4rand2 We also got some Danish Krone.  When we arrive in Copenhagen it will be late and we would have been traveling for over 24 hours.  I imagine we’ll just want to go to the hotel and crash.  Having the money will allow us to immediately get on the train to go to the hotel.

Today I scanned our passport and sent an email with them as an attachment to myself, my husband and our children.  If we should lose our passports, at least we’ll have the information with our passport number, issuing office, date of issue and expiration date.  By doing this, nothing will ever happen – the reverse of Murphy’s Law.

I called our Schwab Bank so when I use our ATM debit card (and there are no ATM or foreign transaction fees with Schwab) there will be no problem.  I also called the credit card companies that we will be using to alert them to foreign charges particularly important with the new security breach by the Russians.

I emailed our kids a copy of our flight details and itinerary including hotel.

I reconfirmed all of our hotels.

Got prescriptions filled.

I checked the weather to where we are going to make sure I have the right clothing.  When we land in London, we’ll leave the airport and tour and I don’t want to have too much clothing and get hot or too little and be cold.

I do have a few guest bloggers lined up while I am away.  Please forgive me if I am out of contact for a little while.  Might not get good service in Kruger.

Now, can someone get me a cup of hot tea to help me relax?


1 thought on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. Well, I heard once on the radio a IT security person saying to never have important information “in the cloud” which includes e-mail. I just e-mailed a photo of my mom’s passport though. Hmmmmm…

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