My favorite Hotel Chain – Rezidor Hotels

As I have mentioned before, I’m not really a Hyatt kind of gal…well maybe I am but I am not willing to spend all those hard earned dollars or points staying at the more expensive Hyatts unless they are the free nights that you can get when you open a Hylatt credit card.

radisson 2

Instead,  I’ve come to appreciate all the benefits of Club Carlson and the Rezidor brand which is Radisson hotels,  Country Inn and Suites and Park Inn and a few more.  I find that they are moderately priced hotels, generally in good locations.  There is nothing pretentious about them.  I like the homey feel of the Country Inn and Suites with their fireplace in the lobby, plenty of warm,  just baked chocolate chip or oatmeal cookies awaiting you.

I began staying in this chain when Club Carlson ran their huge promotion back in the spring of 2012.  We accumulated lots of points during this promotion and were going to use them in Sydney.  After we received the points and before we went to Sydney I became aware of the Club Carlson credit card.  Most of you know the main benefit but for those who don’t let me explain – on your award stay of two nights or longer, your last night is free!  Yes, free.  That has made it, for me, very valuable.  I try to stay in that brand as often as I can so I can extend my points.

club carlson

Although award status doesn’t mean too much to me, for those who it does, your award nights go toward Club Carlson elite status.  With the card you are automatically a gold elite and that generally gets me a goodie box in my room free wifi as well as late check-out.

radisson blu

With our upcoming trip all of our hotel stays are with the Rezidor brand.  They have a strong presence in Europe which I am thankful for.  In Cape Town, we are staying at Park Inn.  In Denmark we have three separate reservations to include our travels at various Radisson hotels.  In total we will be receiving four free nights which equate to over $680  not including the free wifi.   This credit card and this hotel chain are right up my alley.  With 20 points per dollar when I use it at any of their hotels and ten points per dollar anywhere else, it’s easy to rack up points.

radisson 3

I have stayed at the Radisson Hotel on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls and the staff could not have been more helpful – and that was before I even had their credit card!  It was a great location though to be quite honest, the Marriott was partially in front of the Radisson so if I had to do it over again, I’d do the Marriott unless we got a great view, like we did, of the Horseshoe Falls.  I’ve had mixed reviews at  Park Inn and I’ll say not to stay at the one by the Montreal Airport.  We’re anxious to see the one in Cape Town but I am confident since they were rated highly by Trip Advisor.

Do you stay at this chain or have the Club Carlson credit card?  If you do, what is your favorite perk of the credit card.  If you don’t have the card, what do you like about this chain?

4 thoughts on “My favorite Hotel Chain – Rezidor Hotels

  1. We are such points junkies that last year, when we took a Trafalgar tour of Great Britain, husband looked up the London hotel for the beginning of the tour, and found it was covered by a Carlson credit card. We immediately ordered one, did the minimum spend and then added a couple of “free” nights to our pre-tour.

    I’m still congratulating him on that one.

  2. Love having the Club Carlson card. My husband and I both have it, and in April we stayed 2 nights in Brussels, and 6 nights (alternating 2 night bookings) in Amsterdam – total of 4 out of 8 nights free. What’s not to like? And with our annual renewal, we each get 40K points, so on our way to more free nights. Even though breakfast isn’t an included perk, the points redemption on a 2 night stay takes the sting out of that, especially when you can earn 5x points on regular spend.

    However, I believe that the card carries a FOREX fee of 3%, so I don’t use it overseas.

  3. If you want to stay two nights. ie Buy1 get one free. Do you have to have points for 2 nights in your account and they refund one night or can you book 2 and pay one?

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