My Luggage Tips

As I mentioned in my previous post, I recently purchased new luggage at TJ MAXX.  Unfortunately one of the pieces is black like so many other bags.  It’s difficult enough finding your suitcase on the airline carousel but imagine finding your luggage in a warehouse like structure when you are ending a cruise.  Literally there are thousands of suitcases!

A friend of mine told me how he had accidentally taken someone else’s bag thinking it was his till he opened it up and found “girly things” in it.  I would absolutely hate for that to happen to me.  Plenty of people think they have the solution.  I know that some tie on ribbons and I did try that but ribbons can become untied.  Others do pom poms but those can get caught on machinery and get pulled off your suitcase.  I believe that I have found THE solution.  A solution that shows that this piece of luggage is mine and no one would confuse my suitcase for theirs.

Here are the Before pictures:

luggage 1

and the After pictures:

luggage 3


That’s right, I used a roll of decorative duct tape.  I marked the top, sides, back and bottom so no matter which direction my suitcase comes out on the carousel, I’ll find it!  My husband prefers a plain color stripe on his suitcase.  Me, I like something a little more lively, as you can see.  There are such fun rolls of tape out there.  I even have a roll of pigs flying.  When we went to Australia and New Zealand last year, I knew that we would be going to a penguin preserve so that dictated my tape choice – I had penguins.  There is no way someone would think that this is their luggage, is there?

Last luggage tip – At the airport, when I am checking in my luggage I always take a picture with my cellphone of the luggage tag making sure that the bags destination is the same as mine.  This actually happened to me a few months ago when we left Puerto Rico.  The bag tag showed that it was only going to Philadelphia and not continuing on with me to Richmond, VA.  Luckily I caught the error and the ticketing agent quickly fixed it.  Crisis averted.  Additionally, I take a photo of my bag so if it should get lost I can show them a picture of what it looks like rather than just describing it.

Now that I have given you my favorite luggage tips, what are yours (other than not checking luggage)?


WINNER of the $50 gift card – comment #35 chosen at random by

Screen shot 2014-08-03 at 11.02.37 PM

Beatriz A. is the winner of the $50 VISA gift card for her comment: I think I’m going to like your blog in the future.  I like your style and I’m also a senior. …not that young.  I like traveling by air to visit grandkids in USA or or overseas for some continual learning about other cultures and having fun at the same time.  Now I need some luck for that $50 gift card.

Well Beatriz you apparently did have some luck.  I have sent an email to you that you need to respond to within three days.  Once I have your address, I’ll mail the gift card out to you.     Congratulations – Jane


5 thoughts on “My Luggage Tips

  1. Good tip…Thanks.

    I have been doing this fwith my husband’s suitcases….. bright green neon tape.
    Also write his last name on the tape– for easy find if lost at airports.

    Another tip .. if you have more than 1 bag bring a bungee cord to tie them together while waiting at train stations etc.. not as easy for theives to take off with…

  2. Luggage tip – If you are traveling with at least one other person and are checking more than one bag, split your clothes among all the checked bags and split his, too. That way if a bag gets lost you’ll still have some clothes to wear. When packing, I separate my slacks, shirts, underwear, shoes, etc. in two piles and then my husband puts one pile in one suitcase with half of his clothes and the other pile in the other suitcase with his other half of clothes. (He does the actual packing since his spatial skills are much better than mine.) I learned the hard way to split our clothes between our checked bags when MY suitcase got lost on the way to Venice and didn’t catch up to me for three days!!

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