What Luggage Do You Use?

I get asked quite often which luggage I use.  Time to fess up… I don’t use the high end luggage brands.  Yes, I know that many love the TU MI or the Briggs and Riley, etc but I just can’t see spending that kind of money.  But was it because I was cheap or did it really make a difference?

When we began looking at luggage a few years ago I went to the site that I feel gives an honest evaluation – Consumer Reports.  Yes, I’m geeky enough to love CR.  I always check them before any large purchase and again before many appliance purchases.

When we looked in CR a few years ago one of their top rated brands for luggage was Delsey.  I had never heard of Delsey.  Sure, I knew American Tourister, Samsonite but Delsey?  Blogger Hubby and I went to a large department store near us and they had some.  I was on the right track but I would  prefer it to be a little less expensive than what they were selling it for.  I decided to wait for a sale.  That same day, we went to TJ MAXX for something else and decided to look in their luggage corner.  What did we find?  You’re right if you said Delsey.  We bought two 25 inch bags.  I believe they were about $70 0r $80 each.

We are the owners of the rolling duffel like that in the picture
We are the owners of the rolling duffel like that in the picture

My philosophy is that they will probably last about 10 years or so and when they begin to rip or fray, then I’ll purchase more luggage.  If it is only $70 or $80 per bag, then I feel that I’ve come out ahead.

A month or so later I went back and found the Delsey rolling duffle for only $49 which I promptly put into my shopping cart.

The luggage we purchased was black (like everyone else), royal blue (a little different) and bright red for the rolling duffel.  Find out in my next post how I made my luggage stand out so that I always knew which was my luggage and how others knew that it wasn’t theirs, and no, I didn’t use ribbons!

I have this suitcase in this shade of blue
I have this suitcase in this shade of blue

Thank you to all my new readers from Million Mile Secrets and all the nice comments you left for me from my last post.  It really did warm my heart and I felt like many of us were in the same situation with either being young seniors looking out for our budget.  Of course, being somewhat budget minded would apply to any age group.


4 thoughts on “What Luggage Do You Use?

  1. Jane: Thanks to Darius and Million Mile Secrets I’ve found a points/miles traveler who thinks like me! I follow a lot of blogs in this new hobby of mine and get really tired of all the posts about first class to here and a suite upgrade there (although I’m hoping to use Hyatt Suite upgrades in China later this year). Our travel is more like your own: I want to get there as economically as possible, usually in coach, and stay at a nice place near where we want to be. I’m fairly new to this game and appreciate all the tips and tactics I’ve learned from all bloggers, but your voice seems to resonate more like my own. I have a hard time parting with our precious $$$ for expensive airfares and hotel rooms. So when I can get a deal on airfare or use points and cash for a great room at a brand hotel, I’m all over that. Why pay $380 for one night at the Hyatt Regency Hong Kong when I can get the same room for 7500 Hyatt points and $150? We don’t have “aspirational” properties in mind: we want to be comfortable and get some bang for our buck! Keep up the good work. I look forward to following you.

  2. I’ve got two pieces of LL Bean Sportsman luggage that I’ve had since I was a kid (heavy green canvas with brown leather trim; gone multiple millions of miles and still going very strong), and recently bought a 22″ Pacsafe red roller bag that I love. One of the Bean bags is a large roller bag that is great for cruises or very long journeys, but it always has to be checked. The other Bean bag is a carry-on sized duffle. I try not to check bags; my luggage has gone missing too many times. Amazingly, I’ve always gotten it back, and always fully intact. The Pacsafe is made to be impervious to would-be thieves; the zippers are extremely hard to compromise.

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