Chase Ink Business Credit Card

I’ve been accused of not spending enough time writing about credit cards so to the readers that have written me about it, this post is for you.

I absolutely love the Chase Ink Business card.  Although I do have a business (I rent a condo) when I applied for some reason I didn’t even consider my rental as a business.  Instead I said that I sold homemade items at craft shows and did some lunch catering for the elderly.  I answered the questions truthfully, called myself a sole proprietor and submitted by application.  I was approved.  I’m sure that many of you have a business without even thinking about it?  Do you babysit, tutor, do side jobs, write a blog, etc  There are so many circumstances that would qualify for a “business”.

chase ink bold

What I really like about the Chase Ink credit card is that it gives me 5 times points when I pay my landline, wireless bills as well as my internet bill and (drum roll please) office supply stores.

Yes, my greatest points come from office supply stores.  You may wonder how I do that.  It’s easy — I shop the gift card section of office supply stores for upcoming shopping or dining that I will be doing.

My Office Max is located next door to one of my favorite stores – TJ MAXX.  I go into T J MAXX and put what I am going to purchase in a cart then head next door to buy my TJ MAXX git card.  Yes, it is an additional step but I will earn 5 times points at Office Max toward my purchase at TJ  MAXX.  I will also pick up restaurant gift cards as well as gas station gift cards.  One of my favorites is Amazon gift cards or those that are Amazon Kindle gift cards (those can be used on Amazon and not just on their Kindle product).  I’m finding that I am spending more and more time shopping on Amazon particularly for new reads for my Kindle so why not get the most points that I can?

The Chase Ink Business card is just that – a charge card which means that you need to pay your balance in full each month.  For those of us in the points hobby, we know how important it is for your credit score to pay your charge or credit cards in full each month.

Currently the Ink Business card is offering 50,000 Ultimate Reward points when you spend $5000 within three months.  Now wait a minute, before you say that you can’t spend $5000 in three months, remember some of the ways that we “manufactured spending”.  I have purchased variable VISA debit cards at stores (many office supply stores do not sell these cards but many grocery stores do) where you can load anywhere between $20 to $500 on these cards.  I then call a number on the back of the card to set a PIN.  What I do next is go to my local grocery store and purchase a money order using the debit card to fund the money order.  Later I’ll deposit the money order in my bank account so I can pay the Ink Business card charge that I made for the debit card.  To break it down further:  I used my credit card (and got points for this) to buy a VISA/MasterCard debit card and I would put $500 on it.  I would then take that VISA card with $500 on it and purchase a money order.  I would then later take the money order and deposit it to my bank account so I could pay the credit card bill.  Personally I wouldn’t do more than $1500 to $2000 on money orders per month.  Now you have met your $5000 spend to earn your 50,000 points in opening up your Ink credit card.

Finally, when you make application online, you may not get an immediate response. That is not unusual.  I simply call their reconsideration line.  They may need more information and by speaking with them, you can give them all the information they need or perhaps explain.  Do not wait longer than a week.  I’ll go as far as saying that I call the same day that you applied.  Secondly, make sure that you have a good reason to apply for the card.  Do not say that you like the bonuses that they are offering.  You might say that you are planning on some foreign travel and the no foreign transaction fee is important to you.   You could also say that a friend of yours has the card and highly recommends it.  If you do not have enough credit available, offer to reduce your credit line on another card with the same bank – in this case Chase.  The telephone number that you want to call is 800-453-9719.

If you are interested in applying, here is a link  I do not receive any compensation from Chase or any other company.  These comments are purely my own.




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