Chase Freedom 3rd Quarter

I am such a fan of the Chase Freedom credit card; particularly since I have both the Chase Sapphire Preferred credit card as well as the Chase Ink business card.  I say particularly so because rather than getting cash back from the Freedom card I get the points and to me, points are extremely valuable.


What I like love, about the Chase Freedom card are the different bonus categories that they have each quarter that will give you 5 x points.  This quarter is a repeat of first quarter’s gas points as well as Kohls.

Before this quarter ends. I’ll be sure to purchase some gas gift cards at the gas stations that I go to.  This way I’ll continue to get 5 X points since the gift cards were purchased during the 3rd quarter bonus period.

Don’t forget to activate your Chase Freedom card.  Just follow this link and it will take you to the activation page.

5 thoughts on “Chase Freedom 3rd Quarter

  1. As of now (August 2015) it looks like the Freedom card can get you only cash back. I do not see a single word about points on its website 😦 They still do the categories each quarter but now you get 5% cash back on those.

    1. IF you have either the Chase Sapphire Preferred or one of the Chase Business cards such as the Plus, you will get points. If you do not have one of these cards, you will get cash back – trust me as I have both, actually all three. The Points Guy today said on June 17th “if you also have one of the premium Ultimate Rewards cards (like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card or Ink Plus Business Card), you can then combine points from your various Ultimate Rewards accounts (including the one attached to your Chase Freedom card) and transfer them to any of the program’s 11 travel partners as well.”

  2. What can you earn with this Freedom card that you can’t with the Chase Business? I am puzzled as to why Chase Business would not be enough. Thanks!

    1. With the Chase Business, you get the 5 times points on anything you buy in an office supply store, landline, internet and wireless phone. Of course, you can buy gift cards at the business store for the 5 times points. My store, Staples, does not carry many gift cards nor do they carry many local stores (Kohls) or the gas station that I use. With the Freedom, I shop whatever gets me the 5 times points each quarter. Last quarter it was restaurants. I did not need to go to Staples to buy a restaurant gift card to be used that night (and the restaurants I go to are small local ones not big chains); I just used my Freedom card and got the 5 times points. The last quarter has been Amazon for a few years now. By charging on my Freedom, it saved me many trips out to Staples to purchase gift cards, particularly late at night when I was doing some holiday shopping. For me, it’s ease and convenience.

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