Bonaventure Cemetery and Tybee Island, Sightseeing in Savannah, part 2

I never know when I am visiting a city if I should go to the “popular attractions and sights” or to be a little freer and see what else is out there.  I try to do both – the attractions that a city has is what draws me to it but I know there is more out there.  As we met people and traveled around, we would ask “what should we see before we leave Savannah”.  Everyone wanted to help us enjoy our time and the consensus was that we had to go to Bonaventure Cemetery.  We already knew that we were going to Tybee and this was somewhat on our way, at least according to my trusty Garmin GPS device.

After the free breakfast in the lobby, we got the car out of the garage under the hotel and we were off.  We tried to time it so we would miss rush hour and we did pretty good.  I wasn’t sure if the Garmin was correct because we were in a residential area that didn’t seem to me to have a famous cemetery but it did.


As we pulled in we walked a little bit but unsure what we were seeing or where we should be going.  We did find the Administration Building that we went into (door on right side) where we could pick up a map of the cemetery.  We were given advice by the employee as to which section we should visit and walk around.  There is also restroom at the front of the building.  We were in awe at the beautiful sculptures of the various tombs.  I will say it was hauntingly beautiful.  This is a 100 acre cemetery that can be lush due to all the Spanish moss and its location along the Wilmington River and the marches.  I’ll let these photos speak about this cemetery:




We weren’t the only ones here.  There was a tour taking place.  A van pulled up with a trailer carrying bicycles.  There were about 10 bicyclists who got their bikes off the trailer and biked around the cemetery.  I never thought about this being a destination for cyclists.  if you are interested, this is the van with their logo.


The cemetery has among its section the Jewish Chapel and Circle, the Colonial Monument Garden, Order of Railroad Conductors, American Legion Field, Spanish American War veterans.  Four time Academy Award winner Johnny Mercer, born and bred in Savannah, is also buried here.  After we walked around around the cemetery, we decided to continue on with on day’s tour.  Time to head to Tybee Island.

I had been to Tybee before but never driven around much.  One of my excursions going to Tybee is to eat at the Crab Shack.  We had found it about ten years ago when when we stopped at a Visitor Center on I-95 and was told taht we HAD to go here by the woman working the counter.  How can you not do it  when it was so strongly suggested.  Well, she was right and every time we have driven by the area, we always make it a point to stop for a meal.  Now I would be introducing “Louise” to the Crab Shack.  She was somewhat concerned because it was still cold and she thought that the only seating was outside…surprise, they also have indoor seating with heaters around.

As we drove in and parked, there were lots of cages and fenced in area where there were lots of baby alligators, some larger.  It is a fun and eclectic place.




Of course I ordered shrimp and it was delicious as was the corn, cole slaw and hush puppies.  After our meal we walked around.  It seems that most times I’ve been here has been at night so it was good to see it in the daylight.


Wrapping up our visit to the Crab Shack, we headed toward Fort Pulaski, a National Park Service Monument.  We pulled in and saw that there weren’t many activities going on,  We got our of the car, looked around and then got back in the car.  We probably should have gone in but we were anxious to get to the Tybee Island Lighthouse as well as drive around the island.

The lighthouse has been guiding sailors to a  safe entrance into the Savannah River for over 270 years. The Tybee Island Light Station is one of America’s most intact lighthouses having all of its historic support buildings on its five-acre site.   I napped, oops meant sat, in the car while “Louise” climbed the steps into the lighthouse.  She was happy to add this to her growing list of lighthouses visited. If you look closely you can see “Louise” walking around the lighthouse walkway.


We drove back to the hotel to get ready for our last night in Savannah before we turned our car northbound.  Once again the concierge directed us to another fantastic restaurant for us.  Since we had a big lunch at the Crab Shack, we didn’t want a huge meal for dinner.  She thought Jazz’d, a tapas restaurant with entertainment.  Once again she was right.  We had a leisurely stroll to the restaurant which is down a flight of stairs.  It somewhat reminded us of a speakeasy.  Lots of tapas for us to choose.  They even had a special where you could choose two tapas and a soup with dessert.  More than we wanted but who could resist.  While we ate there was a singer singing in the style of Sinatra with all the old classics.  A very enjoyable restaurant.

The next morning we said goodbye to our Spring Road Trip.  A trip that was fun for both of us.  I think next year we’ll do St. Augustine and Amelia Island.

Have you ever gone on a Road Trip with your best friend?  I’m so glad we did it and it has already given us such fun memories.  Hope you enjoyed traveling along with Thelma and Louise



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