Sightseeing in Savannah, part 1

Once again we were very close to the Visitors Center.  We walked around and acquainted ourselves with the exhibits.  In the parking lot next to the Visitors Center is where we boarded our Old Town Trolley for the tour of the city.  This one was recommend by the concierge at our hotel because there would be a surprise for us on the trolley.  It was similar to a Hop On Hop Off tour that you will find in many large cities.


The original city of Savannah was built around 4 open squares.  As the city expanded, so did the number of squares.  There were originally 24 squares throughout the centuries though two have been lost.  As our tour guide told us, this is Savannah’s living room where everyone would come out with a drink, sit on a bench and converse with each other.  They take great pride in their squares and what it represents to their citizens and their way of life.   Savannah is such a pretty city that I would recommend getting out and just wandering around, walking the streets and visiting many of the squares.  It seems that each square has a piece of history attached to it.   I heard a story that people from Savannah instead of asking “how are you” will ask “what would you like to drink?”  After all, Savannah is known as the “Hostess City of the South”.


All the tours guides were very informative and we enjoyed seeing the city, learning the history and folklore as well as some of the scandals (“Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”).  When we stopped at the Lucas Theatre, an actress came on board our bus and acted as a southern antebellum lady.


We elected to get off the trolley along the River for lunch and our boat tour to follow.  We had a great lunch at The Shrimp Factory.  Although I had been on a shrimp quest and eating as much as I could I couldn’t resist the fried green tomato BLT.  I like them both and together it was a great lunch.


After lunch we had plenty of time to walk along the riverside.  This was a very, very cool day – bordering on cold.  I think the temperature was around 45 degrees and we had not dressed for weather this cold during the third week of April.  As much as we were looking forward to our river cruise, we didn’t relish the thought of sitting outside on the deck to view the sights.  We finally found a spot that allowed us to sit in the sun until, a few minutes before we left the dock when an announcement was made that the smokers could sit and smoke exactly where we were sitting.  Gesh…we had to find another seat and there were very few to choose from.  We actually went inside for a while due to the wind and cold.  There was not a lot to see and I would not recommend this cruise.



After the cruise ended, we had an opportunity to walk around some more on River Street.  They had the most amazing candy store.  Several different sections all connected inside.  There was one “room” that was for making taffy; They were also making in other sections fudge, pralines, chocolate covered rice krispie treats on a stick… many treats.

We hopped back on the Old Towne Trolley and finished our tour of Savannah.  On the way back to the Visitor Center we went past the Thunderbird Motel and saw this cute hotel sign – guess it sums up the New South.


Of course we couldn’t leave  the Visitor Center without some souvenir shopping.  Be aware, there are two shops inside the Visitors Center and only one of them supports the Museum inside the Visitors Center.

Back to the hotel where we rested a bit, actually rested our feet and legs.  For dinner that night, we walked a few blocks to Mellow Mushroom and brought a fantastic pizza back to the hotel.

The next day’s adventure – Bonaventure cemetary and Tybee Island.





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