2nd Rental Home in Rincon, Puerto Rico

1.  Spring Break Trip #1 – Rincon, Puerto Rico

2.  Our Home Away Rental in Rincon, Puerto Rico

3.  2nd Rental Home in Rincon, Puerto Rico

4. What to Do in Rincon and the Surrounding Area

As I mentioned earlier, I joined Blogger Daughter and her family in a rental on the beach in Rincon.  Our home was called Casa Serena.  Click here to go to that blog.  Blogger Son #2 and his family also rented a home on the beach about 5 houses down the beach from us – Casa Mac.

Where our home was a duplex side by side, theirs was a 2 story home with the rental on the first floor and the owners quarters on the second floor.  The owners were not there so they had the entire yard to themselves.



With two homes so close to each other, there were bound to be some comparisons.  We had 3 adults and a baby; they had 4 adults, a teenage and 2 toddlers.  We had a two bedroom, they had a three bedrooms and their rooms were larger than ours.

j bedroom

One difference they had that I wished we had was that they had a front door and a back door which let in light and breeze.  Their living room was larger and was lighter since they had more windows.  Their livingroom was at the front of the house (street view) and ours was at the back of the house (beach view).  We did not have windows along the side as they did.  As I am getting older, I have begun to realize how important sunlight is to me – it just makes me feel better and happier 🙂

j livingroom

We had a small kitchen table and 4 chairs, they had 4 stools on the kitchen bar but a larger table outside on the lanai.  We also had a table on the lanai but again for 4 people.

j kitchen

Since we had a 2 bedroom, that is why seating was arranged for 4 people.  They had a washer and we had a washer and dryer.  We had a much larger yard but they had a larger overhang to help keep out of the noon time sun.  Small differences but sometimes they can be important and make or break a vacation.  Know what you want and what you need.

When you rent a home through VRBO, HomeAway or Vacation Rentals, know what you are looking for, ask questions and read the reviews.  I tend to throw out the truly negative one but if there are multiple negative reviews then that is a home I am not interested in.

This was our second rental through HomeAway but the first one that we have stayed in – the first one we booked we’ll be staying in next month.  We have been very pleased with our experience so far.



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