Spring Break Planning 2014

You might think that I am a little too old for spring break but truthfully, I’ve grown very accustomed to it after working for the school system for over two decades.  A good friend of mine is still working for the school system and has asked me to go on a spring break trip with her.

We looked at several possibilities.  We both like cruising though we didn’t have too many choices that fit entirely within her time off. Additionally, the air fare would be more expensive because this was prime time.  We quickly scratched the idea off our list.

cruise in caribbean

We then looked at taking a road trip.

road trip 1

We thought of Branson, MO only because neither of us had been there before.  After looking at the drive, we decided we didn’t want to drive 1,000 miles spending two full days on the road.


Now we are thinking about staying on the East Coast but heading south for  warmth.  We are thinking about driving to Charleston, South Carolina for a night or two.  We’ll have low country boils, southern charm and hospitality, visit Ft. Sumter, take a carriage ride and enjoy what the city offers.  I’d love to pick up another sea grass basket at the famed City Market.

charleston sc

From there we will drive to St. Augustine, Florida which is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental United States.  We’ll be following in the footsteps of Ponce de Leon looking for the Fountain of Youth!  We’ll visit the fort and walk around the historic area.  This will be the furthest that we’ll go.

st. augustine

We’ll turn around and begin our trek north stopping off at Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island, take a boat ride on the river as we sail past some of the barrier islands.

amelia island

Continuing north we’ll spend the night in Savannah where we hope to get a bite to eat at The Lady and Sons Restaurant.  Regardless of what your feelings are about Paula Dean – she is a good cook!We’ll explore the river area and hopefully get to drive out to Tybee Island stopping at the Crab Shack on our way out there.

crab shack

Eventually we’ll have to come home.  If you have any suggestions for our Road Trip, please send them my way.


4 thoughts on “Spring Break Planning 2014

  1. Sounds fun!

    I have a story idea for you. I keep reading that we should never pack shampoo or conditioner since hotels always supply them. But having reached the age where I dye my hair, I always wonder if the hair products in hotels are safe for colored or highlighted hair. I suppose I could assume that a few uses won’t make a difference, but we typically take trips of 3-6 weeks and so it can be more than a few uses each time.

    I keep hoping that one of the female bloggers might investigate this question using their sources at the big chains, but no one has posted about it that I’ve seen. Might you have sources to ask?

    If not or if it simply doesn’t interest you, please let me know and I’ll post a similar question on one of the other blogs I read that are written by women.


    1. I do not have any sources to ask but I will say that I have colored my hair for more than a decade and I never bring hair products with me. I use what is provided. I have taken three and four week long trips and have not noticed any difference. Hope my experience helps you.

      1. Thanks. Your experience matches mine although I do bring some shampoo and alternate – at least until mine runs out! I will see if any other bloggers want to pick up the gauntlet!

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