An AirBnB Success

If you remember from this post, I did not have the best experience with my first time trying AirBnB.  I knew that I wanted to try it again and I had the opportunity to do so last week.


I headed back up to Washington DC to visit my son and his wife who had a baby a few weeks ago.  This nana needed some snuggling time with our newest family member as well as helping out the tired parents.

For me, I wanted to stay not too far from them so this limited the number of places that I would be interested in.  I didn’t need to rent an entire apartment for myself and I actually found that I preferred renting a room so that I would have the possibility of meetings others and perhaps having an engaging conversation at night when I would return.

I found one that I liked based on their profile, location and the many outstanding reviews that they got in addition to having a private enclosed parking space.  Unfortunately by the time that I made up my mind when I would be heading up to DC, they had already rented their room.  Back to ground zero.

I began looking at other locations that were on my short list.  Two were in the neighborhood that I was interested in.  I looked at the street view of the neighbor and the map where they were located.

I wrote to both of the owners with a few questions I had.  For one of the homes, I wanted to know if it was a residential neighborhood or where it was partially commercial.  For the other, I had read that it was a one hundred year old home. I wanted to know if it was warm or drafty and cool since I would be going up to DC during one of the polar vortexes that we were experiencing.  Both wrote back promptly.

I chose the one hundred year old home that was being rented by Jacob and Zach, a twenty something professional gay couple with an adorable dog.  They assured me that there wouldn’t be a problem with street parking and if I did have a problem, they had a space in the back of their home.  What sealed the deal for me was they were between the two main streets that my son was and only 4 blocks away.

I made arrangements to go over to pick up the key and drop off my suitcase.  I wanted to go in the daylight so I would know where I was heading when it would be dark.  Lucky for me they had an American flag out front which became my landmark.

Both bedrooms were on the second floor and I had a private well appointed bathroom a few steps down the hallway.  My room had a queen bed, two windows, a flat screen television, towels on the desk for me, three bottles of water, granola bars and the wifi network and password.  What more could I ask for?  Downstairs was the dining room, living room , laundry area and kitchen.  This was a very clean and neat home.  I had two evenings of getting to know Jacob and Zach and we had some great conversations.

Clearly they take their hosting seriously and we are the beneficiaries of this dedication to providing a great experience for those visitors to Washington DC.  For those who do not have a car, you are about 3 blocks from the metro.

If you are looking for a room to rent in Washington DC, I would highly recommend this location.

1 thought on “An AirBnB Success

  1. I’m so happy that this experience was such a pleasure! Gracious hosts, great location and snuggle-time with the new baby; what more could you ask for??

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