For those who have the Chase Freedom card, you can now activate your first quarter bonus categories by going to this site


IHG is offering another Big Win.  During the Fall I participated in it and ended up with over 150,000 which also includes the points I received from staying at the hotels – not bad.  Sign up for it even if you don’t think you are going to any hotel stays.  We just found out today that we will be staying at a hotel the first week in January so I will book it at a Holiday Inn.  Even if I don’t finish the promotion, I’ll get extra points from at least this stay.  Go here to register.

ihg big win

Delta Airlines listens to its customers and says a resounding “no” to allowing in flight cell phone calls.  I do not want to be sitting next  to someone talking loudly especially if I am trying to rest.  Thumbs up to Delta.

Sorry these posts have been brief.  I’ve been caught up in the holidays and have found myself behind in b

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