Hotel Booking Sites

As an alternative to booking your hotel room with the hotel of your choice, there are other sites that allow you to book and get a boatload of points.  Sometimes I use the hotel booking sites when I just want a lower price and I am not concerned about getting stays to count toward hotel elite status.  Other time, when I am close to an award flight,  I will book my hotel rooms.  Some of these sites that I will be mentioning will give you your choice of which points you can earn for your stay.

Rocketmiles –  is a startup that began last spring that that lets travelers earn frequent flier miles in major airline programs when booking hotel stays through its site.  It has top tier hotel partners in the US and around the world.  Its customers can get lots of miles for every stay,  many times more miles than booking directly with the hotel although your stay will most likely not count toward elite status.   It’s unusual to see an offer for less than 1,000 miles per night.  It has partnered with these major airlines: American, Delta, United, US Airways, Alaska Airlines, Etihad Airlines, Flying Blue (Air France and KLM), JetBlue, Virgin America and Hawaiian.   If you are interested in using Rocketmiles, you can sign up here.  We will both earn a small referral reward of miles after your first booking. I have personally used Rocketmiles and have been very satisfied with it and the number of miles that I received for using it.


PointsHound – similar to Rocketmiles, Pointshound is as simple as one, two, three.  First, you select your favorite frequent flyer program and they have a lot including Virgin Atlantic, Delta, American, Aeromexico, Etihad, Hawaiian, US Airways, Baltic Air, Flying Blue, Best Buy points, and Flying Blue (Air France, KLM).  Secondly, you shop for hotel with over 150,000 in this program and finally three, you can earn up to 6000 points per night.  If you are interested in this program, you can go to this link and register using my referral link and we will both earn 250 points.


Hotel Tonight – is a hotel booking app for your Android or iPhone where you will find deeply discounted last minute rates.  You probably won’t get any points or miles for these bookings but you will get great rates.  They have rooms in all the major cities as well as resort areas.  You cannot book until 9:00 AM in the city where you want to book a room.  Click here for their site.

hotel tonight

Of course, everyone is aware of Expedia, Orbits, but above are some that you might not be aware of plus you get frequent flyer miles.  Sounds pretty good to me!

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