Chase Freedom Quarterly Bonus Categories for 2014 Announced

Chase has just announced their quarterly bonus categories for their Freedom card.  Some people are disappointed in their categories but I’m happy – any opportunity to earn extra points is great for me.


Here is the full list:

January – March (Activate starting December 15, 2013)  –  Gas stations Movie theaters Starbucks

April – June (Activate starting March 15, 2014)  –  Restaurants Lowe’s Home Improvement

July – September (Activate starting June 15, 2014)  –  Gas stations Kohl’s

October – December (Activate starting September 15, 2014)  – Select department stores

For the first quarter we have gas stations, movie theaters and Starbucks.  I’m always happy when gas stations are on the bonus category list.  What I did last summer in preparation for the next quarter when gas stations would no longer be on the bonus listing is purchase gas gift cards at the gas stations.  That way, in the following quarter, I could still get the 5 x points.  Also, gas stations many times will sell other gift cards that you could use elsewhere or even just purchase a VISA gift card for use later.  For those who frequent Starbuck, you can do the same thing that I do with gas stations – purchase Starbucks gift cards so you can use them later and can still get the 5 x points later in the year.  With many movies coming out for the holidays, if you wait a few weeks, you can see them in January with the increase in points.

I think having Lowe’s in the 2nd quarter is helpful since that is when we are doing spring cleaning of our gardens and preparing our bed and lawns – we make many trips to our local Lowes for mulch, grass seed, plants and so much more.

The third quarter is a little weak with having gas stations again and Kohls.  Kohls seems to be for the last year or so, always at 10 x points through the Chase shopping portal and with the additional 5 x points in this quarter you will be able to get 15 x points but I am not sure if there is much more to purchase at Kohls.  I think it is time to replace Kohls with a different store – like Target 🙂

The 4th quarter looks promising with the select department stores that they have currently and with the addition of Zappos and Amazon it could be a productive quarter for us.

For more information, please click here

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