iPhone Apps for Travelers

Many travelers find that their iPhone is indispensable while traveling and can’t appsimagine going anywhere without their phones.  There are more and more incredibly helpful and useful apps out there to make it easier for us when we travel.  Some are necessities and some are just fun and/or helpful.  These apps can start from the beginning, when you make your reservations and keeping them in an itinerary to helping you choose your seat,  lists to aid you when you pack, navigating the airports, exchanging currency, finding lodging at the last minute and so on and so forth.

xe currencyOne of my favorites that I have bookmarked on my computer and now on my iPhone is XE Currency.  This is a great tool for converting money from all over the world.  I’m always trying to convert the price of a meal, hotel room, etc and I don’t always do a very good job  (for those readers who read about my trip to Guatemala will remember I got up early one morning to memorize the conversion table for money).  It uses the iPhone’s internet connection, and therefore the exchange rates are updated making sure your exchange calculations are up to date with the changes in the international currency markets.

Sometimes we have a last minute change of plans or we are driving and didn’t hotel tonightget to where we wanted to be for the night or we got further along, the Hotel Tonight app is a great tool to have in your arsenal of apps.  It guarantees the best rate and has many times you can get great deals.  They also have 24/7 real person support both by phone and email.

Going on vacation and don’t want to leave anything  packing probehind.  Turn to Packing Pro app.  Multiple trips can be listed as well as your grocery store list.  It’s an all in one app for packing.

I always worry about airports – will I be able to find my gate, how far is it from where we arrive, how early are the eateries open in the morning for my early morning flight.  You’ll have all these answers with Airports by Travel Nerd.

Another favorite of mine is seat guru  I ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS go here before I book tickets.  Will I be flying on an older plane, angle seats or flat seats, what seats should I stay away from?  Which seats give you less leg room  seat guru because of something under the seat in front of you.  I really have changed itineraries based on the information of the planes that fly the routes I was interested in going on.

Which apps do you use?


One thought on “iPhone Apps for Travelers

  1. We use Yelp to check out restaurant reviews while on the road.
    MapQuest Gas prices displays gas stations along the route with prices. The prices aren’t always accurate, but you get an idea of the competition in the area.
    Flavortown is a fun app that identifies restaurants featured on the show Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives.

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