Locations to Avoid when Booking a Cruise Ship Stateroom

Just as there are some great staterooms to book on a cruise, there are also some that you want to avoid, particularly if you are a light sleeper.  I always choose my room rather than a travel agent because I know what I like and generally I study the deck maps to educate myself on the rooms.

deck plan

Here are some locations to avoid:

  • Above or below a disco or dance floor particularly on a cruise line that is known to attract a younger crowd
  • Under the pool deck – lounge chairs will be moved for cleaning and the scrapping of the chairs as they are being dragged early in the morning would wake me
  • Next to or under the jogging track – the pounding of the feet will drive you  crazy
  • I do not want to be near a laundry room.  I do not want to hear the sounds of the washers and dryers running
  • If you are a light sleeper, you do not want to be near the stairs or elevator.  Personally, I like to be about 3 cabins from the elevators for easy access yet far enough that I am not hearing the “dinging” sound that elevators make. People walking past my room, unless it is a loud crowd, does not bother me.
  • Above mechanical equipment or the anchor.  I do not want to hear the engines being turned off and on or the anchor as it is being dropped or raised.
  • Under a cafeteria where chairs could also be moved for cleaning.

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