Merger of American Airlines and US Airways

The DOJ yesterday paved the way with their decision to allow US Airways to purchase American Airlines.  The plan, as I am aware of, is for the airline to now take on the name of American Airlines – similar to when Continental took over United and kept the United name.  What will this merger mean to the travelers?

usairways aa

First of all, as everyone has expected, US Airways will most likely leave the Star Alliance and join One World where American is a member.  Like the United and Continental merger, you will most likely be able to more miles back and forth to the two airlines until the merger is fully complete which could take awhile.  I’m sure that Elite Status will carry over to both airlines – if you have Elite on US Airways, you get a reciprocal Elite on American and vice versa.

US Airways Dividend Miles will probably go by the wayside and eventually be converted to AA Advantage Miles. I would strongly suggest that you take advantage of any US Airways promotions or credit card offers.  Both Blogger Hubby and myself today applied for US Airways credit cards knowing that they wouldn’t be around for too long.  That way, we can down the road, apply for the Citi American Airlines credit card.  Here is a link for the US Airways credit card.  I do not receive anything if you apply for these cards.

For the traveler, I think there will be other changes – lost slots at DCA and LGA; they will have to give up gates at Boston Logan, Miami, LAX, ORD and Dallas Love.  Finally the smaller airports will most likely have higher ticket prices.  USAirways/American Airlines could possibly raise ticket prices and the other airlines would follow suit – how often have you heard that happening?

What are your thoughts on the merger and what it would mean to you?


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