I Did It…….I Tried AirBnB

and the results are mixed.  First of all, let me explain that I didn’t know what was expected of the hosts, or what was expected of me.

We drove to the location at about the appointed time to meet our hostess.  It was on a charming section of a street in NW Washington DC.  The location was great and perfect for what we wanted to do.  This AirBnB was advertised as a 1-2 Bedroom.

We met our hostess within 5 minutes of our appointed time.  She took us into the home and showed us around.  She did have a set of keys made but didn’t know which key fit what doors or gate and had to try them all to find out.  She also did not have them on a keyring and had to find one.  This theme of being unprepared was one to resonate throughout our stay.

The upstairs where the one bedroom was located was in a little disarray.  That surprised me as I knew from a previous review that she was moving and when I asked the hostess if she was moved, she answered that she was.  Truth be told, she is still getting settled and things aren’t really set up to be a B&B.  Our room had a king size Sleep number bed leaned up against a headboard that was not attached and that was pushed against the wall.  Every time I turned while sleeping, the headboard would rattle against the wall.  There was no clock in the room (though she did ask us if we wanted one), and two small desk lamps on end tables next to the bed.  The bureau in the room had pictures on it that she was going to hang.  There was one pillow on the bed and a very small therapeutic foam pillow. Pillowcases were on our bed.  She didn’t seem prepared to host us.  For towels we had beach towels and one facecloth.  She asked us if one towel was enough.  We did tell her that we wouldn’t be showering as we had just showered before we left home.  The bathroom was not organized for visitors and there were even underwear on a doorknob.  There was no place in the bathroom (that we shared with her) to put our toiletries like a tube of toothpaste while we brushed our teeth.  A bathmat lay on a heap on the floor in front of the tub.  This was a very cluttered bathroom.  There seemed to be a lot of problems with the house – front light wouldn’t go on (she tried changing light bulb), something in the bathroom that a plumber was coming over to fix, including installing a funky alkaline water purifier.  She had to show us how to get water out of the water purifier instead of the faucet.  When we first arrived, the tub/shower was absolutely filthy.  When we returned later, it was cleaner and she had told us she had been scrubbing the tub with a cleanser.  I would have thought she would have done this before we got there.  She propped up the bathroom sink stopper with a gagdet like a bottle opener and we were instructed to leave it open. Kitchen was cluttered and dirty dishes in the sink.

I did find parking on the street as she suggested (though she did have a spot in the back alley if I needed it) but she wasn’t sure what the parking rules were.  She walked outside with us to find the parking enforcement sign.  I think she should have known this if she is going to host guests.

We were in DC for a family function that we went to in the afternoon, came back to the B&B for about 40 minutes and then left again for more of our family affair.  We told her we would probably return around 10:00 – which we did.  She was working on her computer in the living room while watching a beauty pageant on television.  As we were both tired, we went to bed right away but the loud noise of the television was deafening at times along with the aroma of the popcorn she was popping.  She also told us that she still had a few pictures to hang and we would hear her pounding a nail in the wall.  She went to bed quite late.  When we woke up we decided just to leave since we didn’t think she was going to make us breakfast

Our hostess was a very lovely lady, and we felt secure and safe however I don’t think she had a clue how to receive guests and what her obligations are.

During our conversations before I booked, I casually asked our host if breakfast was included since in my mind, it was a B&B.  She did say we could bring what we wanted or she had eggs, yogurt, coffee and a nurtibullet.  I said I would have yogurt and we could bring some pastries.  Now in my mind at more formal B&B’s I have stayed in, you are given a time when when breakfast is ready for you.  That conversation never happened so we really weren’t sure of anything.  Probably a little fault of both of ours.

The ad lists this house as a 1 or 2 bedroom house though I am not sure where the other bedroom would be if you rented it as our hostess slept in that room on an air mattress.

Will I try AirBnB again?  Yes, but I will be a little wiser and know which questions to ask.  Regardless of my feelings, we did save quite a bit of money by staying in her room and we did feel safe and secure.

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