My TO-DO and See List

Becky from The Girl and Globe recently wrote  a blog about her To-Do list and that got me thinking.  Blogger Hubby and I have actually sat down and each have written where we would like to travel to.  The countries that we had in common seemed like more of a priority than those that the other didn’t have on his list.  I thought I would share my TO-Do and See List with you.  Do you have a list of things you want to do and see in your lifetime?

Here’s my list:

1. Go to Australia and see the Sydney Opera House  visited in 2013   northern lights

2. See the Northern Lights in Iceland

3. Go to a Christmas market in Germany   planning on going this year!

4. Explore the ancient sites in Rome   did this in 2011

5.  See what is left of the Pantheon in Athens   did this in 2011

6. Go to a Greek Isle   did this in 2011

7. Go on a safari in Africa  booked for next year                  africa safari

8.  Visit Antarctica

9. Eat pizza in Naples, Italy

10. Go to Paris

11.  Have a leather jacket made for me in Buenos Aires

12.  Go to the Olympic Games

13. Cruise down the Amazon River

14. See the pyramids,  Sphinx and the Valley of the Gods in Egypt

15.  Go all the way through the Panama Canal

16.Be serenaded in a gondola in Venice, Italy         gondola

17. do a trans Atlantic cruise

18. cruise down the Nile River

19.  see Petra

20.  Swim in the Dead Sea

21. Go to the British Museum and see the Egyptian area

22. go to the major national parks in the west

23.  see the terra cotta warriors in China

24. make each of my grandchildren their own quilt

25  design and have built my home

As you can see, most of the things on my list involve traveling of some type.  For us traveling gives us memories.  We often talk about trips we have taken by ourselves, with our family and trips that we want to plan.  It’s always something to look forward to and the excitement of planning gets us through some of the dreary winter months.

What’s tops on your TO-Do and See List?


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