Intergenerational Trips Grandparent/Grandchild Travel

This post isn’t for everyone – or maybe it is if you are a grandparent and want to do something special with your grandchildren or if you have children that you want to be able to have a special time with their grandparents.


This is something that Blogger Hubby and I have been thinking about.  We weren’t sure if we would be able to “entertain” our 10 1/2 year old granddaughter for a full week or if she would even enjoy just being with us for a full week.  We began to explore options.  We had heard good comments about the Intergenerational Programs with Road Scholar (the new name for Elder Hostel) and decided that we would look into the program they had.

Programs, they had plenty of them and they seemed to fit what we were looking for.  Whether it is learning to sail on a windjammer in Maine or learning about the circus, hiking, acting, etc they had just the right program for any grandparent and grandchild.  We chose a few trips and sent them on to our granddaughter and her parents.  We’re waiting to hear back on what she decides. Please click here or go to the Road Scholar site for more information on their programs

Tauck Tours have family trips where you travel with other families.  My friend took her daughter and her 10 year old son to the Galapagos Islands a few years ago with Tauck Family Trips.  They were thoroughly impressed with the professionalism of their tour guides, the accommodations and the trip in general.  If interested to see what they are offering, please go to this site.

If you do travel with your grandchildren make sure you have a notarized letter from the parents giving permission for medical care.  Also have copies of the grandchildren’s insurance cards. Don’t forget prescription cards, cards for dental insurance and secondary insurance cards if applicable.  Make sure you have a passport if one is needed.  To check what the requirements are for the country you might be visiting, be sure to go to the Department of State’s website – some countries require 6 months left on your passport; other require so many empty pages.  Better to be safe than find out at the last minute that you need your passport updated.  Some sites also suggest that if you are with children that you have and carry with you a limited power of attorney.

3 thoughts on “Intergenerational Trips Grandparent/Grandchild Travel

  1. Something my daughter does before they go on a trip, even to the zoo, but especially if they are traveling, is take a picture of each of the children as they leave. This way if they are separated they have a current picture in the clothes they are wearing. We, of course, follow this rule and wonder when we will need to take each others picture in case we “wander”.

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