Chase Marriott Credit Card – Renewal Time, What to Do?

No, this isn’t a post extolling you to get this credit card but instead it is one where we were thinking about canceling this credit card since it is time for our renewal and the $85 fee and what are options were.

Blogger Hubby enjoyed using some of our points that he received when he first signed up for this card last year – in fact, if he hadn’t had the points, he would have not stayed at a hotel and instead would have gotten up very early in the morning to drive to the airport.  It made it very convenient for him to have those points in the bank and use them when he ordinarily wouldn’t have.

A few minutes ago he just called the number on the back of the card and mentioned to the person that answered the phone that he was thinking of canceling his card and could he speak with a retention specialist.  He was put right through and explained that he was thinking of canceling unless they could convince him otherwise.  With renewal you automatically get one free night stay at a Category 1-5 hotel so right there, that was worth the renewal fee.  Then to sweeten it for us, they said if he made 15 purchases in the next three months, they would credit our account with 5,000 points.  The purchases can be for any amount. We readily accepted.

The point of this is when you are thinking about whether to keep or cancel a credit card consider what benefit you may gain out of keeping it: is it worth the annual fee, in this case $85, for the benefit you might derive out of it (a free night stay and for us 5,000 points0?  Only you can decide that.

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