Intro to Flight to Hawaii and Update on Keeping Track of my Luggage

As you might know, Blogger Hubby and I are on the island of Oahu, traveling tomorrow to Kauai.  IT was a quickly put together trip using my American Express Membership points, transferring them to Singapore Air and then redeeming them to fly on United at fewer points that I would have had to spend using the United Award chart.

Once onboard the flight from Houston to Honolulu, which was our longest leg of the trip, I wanted to get into the tropical mood.  When the flight attendant came by and asked what we wanted to do, that was my request – something tropical.  Soon we had Mai Tai’s in our hands.


You remember from this post how I now use the funky duct tape that is found in Staples, WalMart, etc to put on my luggage.  I do it so that I can identify my luggage immediately AND to prevent someone from thinking that my luggage is theirs.  In fact as I was telling a friend of mine about this last week, he admitted that he accidentally took someone else’s luggage by mistake.  

Anyway, thought you’d like to see a few pictures of our luggage coming off the conveyer belt onto the luggage carousel.  






I’ll be writing more about this trip but for now…aloha and mahalo for reading Air, Land and Sea.Image



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