WWOOF – Who Let the Dogs Out?

Do you know what or who a WWOOFer is?  I actually have two in my family.  No, not the cute little animal that licks your hand.  WOOFF stands for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. and those that are part of the program are called WWOOFers.

wwoof 3

Quite simply you volunteer in many places around the world 4-6 hours per day and get reimbursed with housing, and meals.  Our son and his now wife did it after college.  WWOOFing is a great way to learn new skills while traveling and giving back.

He wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do when he graduated and becoming a WOOFFer bridged that gap and gave him time to ponder his future.

The first step is deciding where you want to volunteer/work.  Blogger Son #2 wanted to go to Hawaii.  He then joined the WWOOF for the United States.  He received information on all the hosts in a booket.  It was up to him to contact the hosts and to work out an agreeable arrangement.

wwoof 1

They called, emailed and found a situation that seemed ideal to them.  They worked at a bread and breakfast in Kona.  Blogger Son #2 worked the gardens, took care of the coffee and macadamia trees.  DIL#2 made the breakfasts with the native fruits that grew all over this location as well as doing the morning laundry.  They were both finished with their work at noon and they had the rest of the day to enjoy the Hawaiian life style.  WWOOFing isn’t just for the young.  They actually replaced a retired couple.

They enjoyed where they were working so much that they actually ended up staying there for about 4 months.  They were treated like members of the family, invited to spend Christmas with them.  They even went back years later after they were married and were expecting their first child.

In addition to this location, they also worked on a lettuce farm (too low to the ground for my son), an anthurium farm (the waxy flower that has a tongue) and a retreat on Maui.  He was able to ppick up a few paying odd jobs including selling Norfolk pine Christmas trees.  They came back home after about 8 months with wonderful adventures.

When we were traveling on bus in Italy last year we met some WWOOFers there who were also enjoying their adventure.  Friends of our son also WWOOFed in New Zealand.

wwoof 2

This might be perfect for you, your children or your grandchildren.  For more information on the WWOOF program, please click here


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