Welcome New Readers

I’ve noticed in the past few weeks that I have gained a few new readers.  I want to welcome you to my blog.  I hope that you are able to take away a few tibbits of helpful tips for travel as well as new places to go and explore.  When I first began writing this blog I wanted to focus on all facets of travel and for me that was road trips, places that I could get to by flying and my love of cruising – hence the name Air, Land & Sea.

If you occasionally drop in, may I suggest that you join almost 300 other people and become a “follower”.  All you have to do is click in the box to the right that says “Follow Me”.  You’ll have to get a user name and password.  A suggestion to you, if you decide to use your name as a user name, add only you initial to your last name rather than your full name or come up with a catchy name like Travel 4 Me.  My goal is to reach 500 Followers by New Year’s Day.  You can help me out by referring my blog to your friends if you enjoy it.  You can check my progress of reaching by goal by looking at the right side where you sign up to become a follower – it will list how many I have to date!

I’m always looking for guest bloggers so if you have a trip you’d like to report on, a travel product you can’t live without (perhaps that’s an exaggeration but you get the point) or something you’d like to share, let me know at AirLandAndSeaBlog@gmail.com

Enjoy your weekend!


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