Keeping Track of your Luggage while Traveling

One of the things I absolutely don’t like after a flight is going to the luggage carousel to look for my luggage.  I try to minimize my frustration of trying to find my suitcase by getting a less popular color.  There are  so many black, red and navy blue suitcases and after a while they all begin to look alike, at least to me.  I’ve tied bright bows, pom poms, etc on the handles but bows have become untied, and pom poms have broken off.  I needed to put my thinking cap back on and find something that would make my suitcase stand out so that I could find it more easily and others would know that  it definitely was not their suitcase.

While I was thinking about that I also had wondered this year when we flew to Sydney and had three connections how I could describe my suitcase in the event it became separated from us.  I thought it was a high likelihood with the number of connections that we had.

Hmm….what could I do.  While shopping at Staples one day I passed a display with colorful duct tape


and a lightbulb went off in my mind.  I could use the duct tape and run it on the front, back and sides of my suitcase.  That surely would be unique and it wouldn’t have to be permanent.  I bought some and did exactly that:


Now that I solved the problem of identifying my luggage my next step was figuring out how to describe it.  Rather than just saying a blue suitcase with penguin duct tape on it, I took a photo of my suitcase as I gave it to the airline personnel as well as double checking the tags that were put on my suitcase.  I know that accidents can happen and wrong destinations can be put on by accident but I like to try to minimize the risk of losing it.  I take lots of photos.

What do you do to try to keep track of your luggage?

5 thoughts on “Keeping Track of your Luggage while Traveling

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  2. I have had good luck with triple tied satin ribbon bows on all handles but the duct tape is a good idea too. The only problem with the bows is that they get a bit shopworn after a few trips. I use different colored bows for my husband and myself since we have the same suitcase and that makes it easier to know whose is whose as we enter hotel rooms or otherwise need to grab our own case.

    I prefer to select a suitcase based on its features, not its color, although a distinct color has obvious advantages. But I’d rather make a black case with the right pockets/enclosures/wheels for my taste unique with bows or duct tape than put color as my top priority.

    I did manage to go carry-on only on our recent four week trip – a first for me – and that is probably the best way to solve the which-bag-is-mine carousel problem. And you know what? I could have done just fine with even less! So it will be carry-on only for me as much as possible because I learned it is possible!

  3. Love this idea. But, I have recently bought bright colored luggage straps and, to be sure mine are unique, embroidered my initials on the straps.

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