One of the things that I have really wanted to do (and Blogger Hubby doesn’t) is to go to Germany for their Christmas markets.  I can just envision myself strolling down the streets at night sipping on some hot wassail or hot chocolate nibbling on a pastry as I look at all the handmade wares listening to the sounds of the season.  Anyone else have this idea in their mind?  I just recently had a friend and her husband move to a suburb of Frankfurt for a year while teaching in one of their schools.  She casually mentioned that I could come for the markets but with the Hawaii trip next week and the Chicago Seminar a few days later I need to really think about taking another trip though this would be the opportune time since I could stay with them. (I think).

Christmas market 1

Anyway, I began googling about Christmas markets and found this great site that shows where all the markets are and explains some of the items that you’ll see for sale.


One of the items is a pyramid which is made out of wood, can have several tiers but at the top are small wooden blades like you would find in a ceiling fan that turn from the heat from candles that are on the lower level of the pyramid.  I was fortunate to receive one 15 years ago when we had a German exchange student and his mother sent it over to us for Christmas.  The pyramid that we have is the nativity scene and it is beautiful.  Later that year when his dad came over he brought another one to me that has 4 tiers and all the movable figurines appear to be from the Black Forest.

Other items that are for sale are the famous Nutcrackers that were all hand carved though I do wonder if they are more mass marketed now.  I’m sure you can still find hand carved nutcrackers and I’m sure they retail for a pretty penny


Smokers are small wooden people that have a pipe coming out of their mouth to release the incense that is lit in the hollow of the figures.  The incense burning is said to remind people of the incense that the Three Wise Men brought to Jesus on the Epiphany which is January 6th.

christmas smoker

I’ll let you know if I decide to go or not.  Have you ever wanted to go to the Christmas markets?


2 thoughts on “Christmas Markets in Germany

  1. I went to the one in Strasbourg France a few years ago and it was amazing and so worth it! I am hoping to make it to Cologne this year for the markets. You should definitely go 🙂

  2. One of my favorite times while living in Europe was the arrival of the Christmas market from Rothenburg at the Brussels American Women’s Club annual bazaar. We also had the good fortune to visit the small walled city one Christmas! What a treat!!

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