Museum Day Live!

I’ve been very fortunate that my family lived in the metro Washington DC area their entire lives.  For us it was nothing to take the metro into DC and go to one of the world class museums or zoo for free.  Most of the museums in DC are associated with the Smithsonian which are free to the public.  The Smithsonian, also called our nation’s attic, is a collection of 19 galleries and museums, including the zoo.  On the National Mall alone are 11 of these museums and galleries.

We lived close to Dulles Airport where in 2003 the Udvar-Hazy Center of the National Air and Space Museum opened.  Basically it is two large hangers where it houses many air and space artifacts including the Blackbird, the Concorde and the space shuttle Discovery.   IMAX movies are also available at the theatre and an observation tower.  Like the other museums in DC, admission is free but here you do pay $15 for parking till 4 PM.  I had always thought it was a little high for parking out here in the suburbs but it had been explained to me since it was so close to Dulles (actually on the airport property) they were concerned that some people would leave their cars parked at the museum while flying.

So why am I going into all this information about the Smithsonian and museums?  September 28 is  Museum Day Live!  Many museums and galleries across the country will be open free that day.  Yes, you heard me …. F R EE.  However, you can’t just walk up and get it free.  That would be too easy.  Instead you need to go to this site and click on ticket information.  The “rule” is one admission plus a guest for each email address.  Since Blogger Hubby and I each have our own separate email addresses, we were able to request admission to two separate museums.

We are actually on vacation (remember Hawaii bound) during Museum Day Live! and we weren’t sure which museums are in the area that we were visiting.  By going to this site I was able to go to the map and found which museums were in my area.

Hope you are able to take advantage of this special day and visit a museum that you ordinarily wouldn’t visit.

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